Top 10 Most Famous Indian Painters

India is a diverse country and rich in heritage. Be it music, dance, literature, or art, Indian people have earned a valuable position in all these art forms. Painting is one of finest art form of India that has taken India to a new level. Each painter in India has its own

Best Software to Batch Install and Uninstall Windows Programs

Any advanced computer user would know how painful installing a bunch of programs on a Windows based computer one by one is. Each of the programs take a remarkably longer period of time and often multiple restarts are required. After a fresh installation of Windows, batch installation of programs are very necessary.

Top 10 Most Beautiful & Cute Cat Breeds In The World

Cats are loved and petted by everyone. These cute, adorable and playful pets add joy and help us forget the stress of a busy day. There are a large number of cute cat breeds out there. Here is a list of ten amazing and cutest cat breeds. Persian Cats Originated from Persia

10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Dance

With advancement in technology, it has become easier to learn new things sitting at home. Technology has blessed us with such facilities like YouTube. In YouTube one can find several videos related to a certain topic. In YouTube subscribers can watch the videos that are uploaded by the users for free. One

10 Best Business Schools in the World

Business Schools around the world offer a great number of degrees, both Bachelors’s and Master’s, in areas like business administration, finance, accounting, operations, and information systems management. Master of Business Administration is probably the most popular and globally accepted business certification provided by business schools. To help with your search, the following

10 Interesting Facts About Leo Zodiac Sign Personality

People born in the period of ‘June 23-August 21’ belong to Leo zodiac sign. The Leo is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and generous of all Zodiac signs. They are filled with zest and vigor, which attracts people towards them. Here are the facts regarding a Leo Zodiac sign personality in a