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10 Best Free Data Backup Software for Linux

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Backup is a must need for the data saved in PC and servers that contains larger portions of the computers knowledge and different range of data and memory saved, in order to save our data and facts we save these data in computer so what will happen when corrupted

Top 10 Must Have Linux Apps & Software

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If you were to mention any single operating platform that offers great work experience and user interference, Linux would triumph all of them. You can argue long about Windows and Mac, but none offer the customization and open source nature like Linux. And that’s why we ventured into the

Top 10 Best Screen Recorders for Linux

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Do you know that it is now possible to record your desktop? Yes, you read it right. It is through the aid of screen recorders. Aside from recording your desktop, screen recorders will also allow you to make a video tutorial or guide, create a project presentation, and simply