10 Annoying Things Singles Are Tired Of Hearing

One of the perpetual dilemmas of life; to be single or not to be! Nobody knows a one size fits all solution to this. People for and against this is certainly going to parade a whole lot of statistics into your face and try to convince you that you are right. But it is up to you to make the final call. You may be single due a wide variety of reasons

  • You are not ready for a commitment
  • You have a dream to pursue and being in a relationship is obviously going to ruin it
  • You haven’t found the right one yet!
  • Too shy to ask him/her out?
  • Responsibilities, personal, religious or societal
  • A terrible past.

Whatever your reason may be, apart from your closest friendly, nobody really knows the reason why you are single. For them, it is an opportunity to unload their years of collected wisdom and force it down your throat and gain some cynic satisfaction from it. Or rather it just makes them feel important. No matter what their reason is, you might have faced this question a zillion times if you are single.


  1. Why don’t you settle down?

Yes, the ubiquitous Indian question. Settle down. If you are a guy who is nearing 30 or a girl in their mid 20s, you probably hear it every day; parents, aunties, relatives, colleagues and even friends.

  1. Man is a social being!

For them, everybody has to conform to the cycle of studying, gaining a decent job, marrying, having kids, sending them to school, marrying them off, nurse the grandkids, die.

  1. The non-conformists:

If they see anyone falter at any of these steps, they don’t waste any time in confronting them with personal questions and a lecture on the importance of settling down. Singles who have been through this tiring ordeal many a times can smell the attackers from a mile and the best way to avoid them is run for cover!

  1. You hate commitments!

Well, hello?! It is my life; I have the right to decide whom to spend it with. I refuse to be stuck with a horrible partner for the rest of my life just because you can’t sleep at night knowing I am single. This is the thought process of most of us who have been there.

  1. Don’t take too much time finding someone:

Maybe we take our own sweet little time meeting someone special, getting to know each other, go out on several dates, get to know them in an out, decide their positives greatly shadow their negatives and then maybe, maybe take the plunge. It is so sickening to have someone at your back pegging you on, making the choices for you, urging you on, when all you want is the peace of mind to sit down, think it through and reach a conclusion.

  1. What you need is a life partner?

We all have been there. A distant relative chances upon your door one day, takes a good look inside , sit down and share some family gossip and just before they leave, drop the bomb “You know what you need, a life partner. That would complete you”. Here is this woman, who literally doesn’t know a thing about you, sitting in your drawing room and preaching what would make your life better. Well, all you can do is shake your head, smile and shake your head some more.

  1. The time is right!

As if they know what is right for you!

  1. We are here for you:

No matter how much we despise it; there is no easy way out of this. There are people out there whose life mission is to marry off all the singles as if being single makes you a pariah.

  1. We mean well!

Not all of them means to be intruding into your privacy may be they mean well. Nonetheless, ignore and move on!

  1. Last but not the least, there are is the odd person who saysEnjoy singlehood while it lasts!’


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