Top 10 Best GoPro Camera Accessories

Even after all those killer Chinese counterparts in the market, GoPro still stands out to be the best action camera. Most people related with cinematography and even hobbyists will prefer a GoPro action camera when it comes to shots from various different angles. We have discussed about 10 impressive tech for the GoPro cameras which will still dominate the market in 2016.


  1. Removu R1

There are GoPro camera versions that come without any on-camera display, or even with the display the chances are very low that the GoPro will be handheld while shooting a video. Thus, Removu R1 saves the hassle of connecting a smartphone for the viewfinder purpose, rather it’s a dedicated live view device with wrist mount and also offers full-fledged control of the GoPro camera. There’s a mount cradle as well, inside the package. Price – $74.95


  1. Trace Action Sports Tracker

If your GoPro goes to places with you, then probably you should buy the Trace Action Sports Tracker. Any activity you do like surfing or cycling, this GPS device would record all the traces, motion and GPS data which you could use later for your reference. The drawbacks are – currently the only supported OS is Mac OS, and it’s intended for snowboarding and surfing. Price – $199.95.


  1. 3DR Solo

For elevated angles in your cinematography, the 3DR Solo drone could help. It works based on GPS location and connects via strong Wi-Fi link, also there are some intelligent features like Cable Cam, Follow me, Orbit etc. This device has an iOS and Android app interface for better control. Price – $999.95.


  1. K-Edge Go Big

The K-Edge Go Big is basically an appropriate bicycle mount for GoPro cameras. The cheap bicycle mounts are usually located at weird positions where the exact view on the action would not be covered, but not with the K-Edge Go Big mount. The attachment is very secure. Price – $34.98.


  1. TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera

Time lapse videos are pretty interesting, also the ones that include some shots in motion. Doing so without any additional gadgets would be horrific; TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera does just the thing. It rotates in 15 to 360 degree angles and the time length ranges from 20 seconds to 10 hours. Price – $99.95.



  1. Eachshot Z1 Rider

Fewer high end GoPro models come with their own proprietary image stabilizer installed, but what if they don’t work up to your expectations? That’s why Eachshot Z1 Rider was invented. It’s basically a gimbal made of metal, with 3-axis gyroscope that compensates any movement while shooting a video. Price – $185.99.


  1. Manfrotto Off Road ThrilLED

Low light cinematography with GoPro could often be a problem; unless of course you have a Manfrotto Off-Road ThrilLED setup. This lighting could go anywhere as you do, and it’s powered by battery of course. There are few different metallic brackets for firm attachment. Price – $230.93.


  1. Thule Legend GoPro

Need a specific backup to pack all the GoPro setup and go anywhere you want? Well, there’s a dedicated GoPro based backup called the Thule Legend GoPro. There are mounts placed in various spots in this backpack. Price – $199.95.


  1. Samsung 64GB Pro+

It’s simply a microSD card for the expansion of a GoPro’s memory – but most probably the most important thing that most cinematographers will end up neglecting. A faster memory card ensures the video is captured fine and stored secured – here you have it, the Samsung 64GB Pro+. Price – $63.99.


  1. PanoPro actioncam 360

The PanoPro actioncam 360 device would help a GoPro user to capture amazing 360 degree viewing angle videos using one GoPro camera. The videos would later be watched on VR helmets. Price – GBP238.



For the smoothest experience in cinematography using GoPro cameras, these 10 accessories would make life so much easier on 2016!


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