10 Best Text To Speech ( TTS ) Software

There have been tremendous prospects in Speech Synthesis systems and the implementation has been diverse and distinct, equally in the perspective of Software and Hardware alike. The process of Text to Speech System(referred as TTS) has been the terminal aspects of many software solutions and also an integral part of numerous Hardware Products. The recent changing trend of embedded electronics and automation techniques has lead a larger picture for the composite processing software. Many of the software in TTS are available for download on the internet. Here, we have an elaborate review of the finest TTS software available on the internet. Also included are the special features and usability clauses in customized environments.


One of the most extended and used services based on TTS. Ivona has an extensive resource in generic voices that are quite fascinating and natural. Moreover, the services from Ivona includes cloud services for records and sound clips, and many more utilities on the internet.


A powerful TTS solution that has many extended features such as Automatic Speech Recognition and Text to speech converter bundled into one. The resources are pretty bargaining and has an exceptional customer support with many of the initial packs and demo from Loquendo.


A freeware with vibrant features and generic voices. The resourceful TTS has a wide scope of secondary implementations since the iSpeech has exclusive provisions to create high quality speech in multiple audio formats such as mp3,flac, wav,mp4 and wma. Also included in the initial pack of iSpeech are the online services including an inbuilt translator supported in 7 different languages. The interface also provides text recognition and many more related language processing tools.

4.Natural Reader

A high-end version of integrated tools, that has several version to convert word documents,PDF file and emails into speech. The other features include Proof reading, text translations, and special segment of challenging solutions for impaired and people effected with dyslexia.

5.Zabaware Text to speech

High quality generic voices and an exclusive service package for TTS which is pretty precise and compact. Well suited for small and medium enterprises. A portable solution on speech conversion from text files of common file formats.


A neat speech synthesizer that converts data from PDF, Word and emails into quality speech that can be virtually edited in TextSpeech Pro to a complete quality in clarity. There are updates on the new versions that include the added features of compatibility of the latest file formats.

7.Apacela Group Virtual Speaker

A special pack for integration with services on the internet. The introductory pack of Apacela Group Virtual Speaker comes with the multilingual support and easy integration options. The pack is a complete collection of accents ,voices and plugins to give the ultimate compatibility and resourcefulness in TTS aspects.

8.Voice Reader

Professional services on TTS with a 24/7 customer support and easy updates.The pack lists a detailed conversion on file formats into speech nortes.Also included are a special Voice Selection that has a natural appeal.And the software does come with updates on voice and accents.

9.Read the Words

A complete solution on the web based platform. Voice Reader is one of the few speech synthesizing apps on the internet that has a compressive set of tools for speech synthesis. It is an essential tool for noncommercial purposes.

10.TextAloud 3

A recent listing on the charts,TextAloud 3 has a pretty decent set of features for the easy speech processing for commercial and other frontiers. The pack has extensive integration features including Email in Outlook,Powerpoit and the conventional support on the common file formats such as the PDF,Word files ,HTML and RTF.



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