10 Habits That The People Have Who Always Reach on Time

We all have that friend who is always on time on every occasion. These kinds of people are not often appreciated among the friend circle. They don’t even have a proper friend circle. The “On Time” friend is avoided by others because of their peculiar habits that they have. They are generally called weird and they behave the same way too. Here are the 10 habits that they have in their life.

  1. Tracking People

It is true that they are always on time. However, they start searching others who are expected to come as if he is tracking them. They are actually so obsessed with the time that they can even check your watch once you come to confirm whether you follow the International Standard Time.

  1. No Friends

They have either lost their friends or they just do not like making irresponsible and not punctual friends. It is of course good to be punctual, but that does not mean you force people to do it. They have a habit of nagging with others with time.

  1. Wedding Party

It is hilarious as these people reach the venue “On Time” and before the host. Actually when the bride arrives for marriage, they are already on to desserts. You might be wondering to have a taste of the mocktail, and he will be attempting last desserts.

  1. Dating a girl

This is one of the biggest problems that they have to face. A girl wants that, you wait for her till they are getting ready with the makeup. She obviously expects that person would have come by 6.30 PM if the time was 6 PM. Well, if a first date then he actually reaches the spot at 5.30 PM. They either have terrible date fighting over timings or just rarely have a date again.

  1. Story of 5 minutes

We often say the person coming to meet us that, ‘will be there in 5 mins’. It actually doesn’t make a difference as both of you would not have reach the spot. But these people actually have idea that this 5 minutes is originally minimum 30 minutes and even more.

  1. Wait! Are you German?

Well, German people have the reputation of punctuality and reaching on time. So, if you continue to do so you might be mistaken as German at first or will be known by the name among friends.

  1. No hassling

How often we have seen people start hassling to get ready for the office or even parties. Not the case with them. They actually do not have the idea about hassling as they have enough of time to manage it. They have enough of time to well organize everything and be on time.

  1. No Watch!

It really does not make much difference if you hide their watches. Friends often do that to them, but they somehow turn up right on time. It is strange but true that they will manage and come out with a way to reach on time.

  1. Snoozing

It is an outdated and lost an idea for them in the morning. They need not to snooze the alarm to wake up. They can wake up on the first ring itself.

  1. Missing a flight

No way will they miss a flight. Their punctuality actually increases when it comes to transportation. They often turn up in the airport before even the display board start displaying the information.

Their habits can be irritating for you, but they never bother about that. They love to be on time and they do so.



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