10 Incredible Things about Being Single

There was time when there was a social stigma attached with not being married but being single is the new cool now. In fact, there are so many positive things about staying single that it is hard to believe them.

Here are 10 Incredible Things about Being Single:

1. Life is much simpler if you stay single as there are no complications about dealing with spouse or girlfriend. You can live as you want to and make your own decisions, without interference of anyone else.

2. Being single gives you the wonderful opportunity of knowing yourself and exploring yourself too, as you have all the time in the world for yourself. You don’t need to make changes in yourself or pretend to be someone else to please someone else.

3. Another amazing thing about staying single is that you can easily travel and see the world as you do not have to co ordinate with spouse and family. You can just pack your bags and set off when you feel like doing so. The traveling costs too are halved, which makes it easy for you.

4. You can make all the decisions on your own, right from what you want to eat and wear, to where you want to live and work. In other words, you have the immense pleasure of complete freedom, as married people never seem to have in their lives.

5. You can be a social butterfly and meet new people as well as make new relationships. You can flirt around freely and enjoy life to the fullest, with no jealous wife or girlfriend there to stop you from doing so.

6. If you decide to be single, it means that you can spend time with friends whenever you want to, which is just a distant dream for married people, as they have to deal with an unrelenting spouse if it happens very often.

7. Another great thing about being single is that you can have restful nights, with no spouse or kids to disturb you in bed, or wake you up in the morning with their troublesome and disturbing noise.

8. It is much easier for unmarried people to focus on their career growth as they need not bother a lot about family and commitments. They can simply go ahead with tough career decisions such as moving to a new location, as they do not have to involve any other person in such vital decisions.

9. There are a lot less responsibilities when you are single. You don’t have a spouse, children and an extra set of parents, who have to be looked after, if you choose not to get married and bogged down by family ties.

10. One more thing which you would enjoy about being single is that you don’t have to share things, such as your TV remote, your salary and so on. Everything is all yours and there is no one with whom you have to quarrel about things.

Incredibly, life can be much more peaceful for someone who is single, yet there are many who find pleasure in having a partner, with whom they can share their lives.


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