10 Most Satisfying Things For Girls

There are many things that leave a girl unhappy and unsatisfied. If you closely observe a girl, you would come to know that they get irritated in petty issues. However, that does not mean that happy women are a myth. There are certain things that make a woman happy and satisfied. These are neither very unimaginable matter. The small things are sometimes more sound to be cherished than others.

  1. 9 to 5 Lipstick

Well, if the. Lipstick stays as it is for 9 to 5 as promised then a broad smile will be spotted on her face. They love to remain with lipstick and if that stays for whole 8 hours then there is nothing better.


  1. Untie the hair after a tiring day

It is really very hard to maintain long hair. The tiring day and tied hair could be very uncomfortable for women. So, when they untie it after a long day, well there is nothing more satisfactory.


  1. Washing your makeup

All girls want to look pretty and they put all possible makeup. But when she comes back up, all she wants is to wash her face and wipe away those glittering makeup.


  1. Normalized temperature water for bath

A girl will never want to come out of the bathtub where the water has been normalized. She just loves to be there and take some rest.


  1. Fit bra

Well, this is the sign of her comfort and she will be more than happy to get that. Make no mistake this could be as comforting as anything else for a girl.


  1. Charger is plugged in

A girl never likes a discharged phone. She always wants it to be fully charged. If she finds out that anyhow the phone is connected to the charger then it could be the most relaxing thing of her life.


  1. Her nail paint is intact for a week

She could be nothing less than satisfied or happy if she finds out that nail paint she applied is actually intact even after 7 days. It is really a matter of satisfaction.


  1. Moment you step in or step out of heel

Yes, that is a moment for satisfaction indeed. However, both the things are different but yet related. Wearing a heel is a style statement and you feel excited to step in. But it is uncomfortable as well to wear those and she feels relaxed to step out.


  1. Frizz-free hair

When you wake up in the morning and see that it is frizz free, as a girl you will be excited. It takes a lot of effort from her and makes her happy.


  1. Shopping

There is hardly anything that could more satisfactory than shopping for a girl. It does not matter what she is shopping, all that matters is she out there in the market to buy something.


These are not so big things but are very satisfactory for a girl. She could be disturbed for all reasons, but these can make her day.


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