10 Obvious Signs That We’re Still Kids At Heart

With each passing day, we get mature due to the tremendous metal fatigue of work, responsibilities and others. All the grown up people try to find a way to go back to the days when the only worry was school homework and only plan that had to be made was a fun game with friends. However, with all the difficulties, hectic schedules, business meetings, career aspirations and many more, we tend to become kid to enjoy the life again. It will be unfair to say that people tend to as many of us show we are still kids even at the grown age from the heart. Small observations in daily life can reveal all the details about the childish behavior every adult shows. Here are some signs that clearly depicts that we are still kids at heart.

  1. Excitement at the fullest

It may be a very small thing, but you still show the huge amount of excitement. It is like having joy and enjoying with ultimate fun and joy. It may be a small trip with friends or team outing from the office, but the enthusiasm that you show is just the reflection of the kids in you.

  1. Colors still attract you

A kid gets attracted towards bright colors. It is in their nature. But are we different? Well, we might have controlled it up to some extent but not entirely. The kid in you still gets attracted towards bright color. The brighter the color is, the more excitement it draws.

  1. Say No to Complications

Like a kid, we still like simple and straightforward job. The moment its get complicated we tend to avoid it. The major reason behind it is the complications confuse us and kid in us make sure that we go look for a better work.

  1. Cartoon is still our favorite

There can’t be any better stress buster than cartoons. The Tom & Jerry, The Popeye Show, Donald Duck or the others, we still watch our favorite cartoons after a tiring a day. It does not only bring a smile on our face but also releases our stress.

  1. Celebrity! We are up for it

If by any chance we get a chance to see the celebrity, we are still excited just to have a glimpse. This is the kid in the heart that just cannot control the emotions of seeing the celebrity. The excitement and the efforts you put to see them might make you laugh at some point of time.

  1. Scared about Lizard or Cockroach

This is common mostly among the women who are still afraid of them. These animals still make them jump here and there with just gestures and postures. Men tend to get scared from bigger animals like dogs and others.

  1. That was a Prank!

How often we prank people just to have fun and enjoyment. It is not only about silly jokes or leg pulling, it is about befooling them just to laugh out louder with everyone.

  1. Birthday Parties! It’s time to celebrate

Even if we celebrate every day in life, the birthday celebration of the birthday parties is still same. The excitement and the involvement level remain very high to celebrate the party even before a month or so.

  1. No one can defeat you in stubbornness

The habit of sticking to a decision is still impeccable in you. It is so strong and stubborn. It becomes so large that sometimes you take the wrong decision to opt in or opt out certain things. Discuss before you make any decision.

  1. This is mine

Well, sharing sometimes is still not the cup of your tea. Does not matter what the matter it is, we are still not fond of sharing.

These signs are very clear to understand that there is still a kid inside us in the heart that lives with us,


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