10 Signs That You Are A Die Hard Biryani Lover

If you are an Indian and a hardcore non vegetarian, then chances are high that you are a diehard biryani lover. This rich Mughlai dish combines rice with chunks of meat (vegetables, for the veg variant) and some aromatic Indian spices, which have enough power to draw food lovers from miles away. This is the reason why this delightful dish has transcended the boundaries of the Indian Subcontinent and found its rightful place in the Western world today. Amazingly, you will find that biryani has figured its way on the menu cards of food joints around the world, right from the street food carts to the plush uptown restaurants in all major cities around the globe. It is only a biryani lover, who can identify the feel of this exotic food melting in your mouth, with each of its flavor making its way to your taste buds.

Here is the 10 Signs That You Are A Die Hard Biryani Lover :

  1. You live, breathe and dream biryani.

A diehard biryani fan is likely to have this tempting dish on his mind 24X7, in all his waking and sleeping moments. He always has its taste in his mouth and literally live, breathe, dream and even write a book on biryani.

  1. You want to eat biryani, thrice a day, 365 days a year.

No matter what your friends or colleagues have to say, you will always order a plate of biryani whenever you go out and even carry it in your office tiffin. This is because you want to have it in breakfast, lunch and dinner on each day of your life.

  1. A biryani meal satiates your stomach but not your heart.

You are a hardcore biryani fan if a plate or two of this savory delight can fill your stomach, but not satisfy your heart.

  1. You can’t tolerate others referring to biryani as pulao.

If you hear someone calling biryani a pulao, it is a sin in your personal rule book and you will not forgive him till you let him know the difference between the two.

  1. Seeing biryani on the dinner table after a long day at work is nothing short of dream come true.

If your wife or mother cooks your favorite dish for you and lays it on the dinner table after a long day at work, you can’t thank her enough.

  1. You will not hear a word if someone professes you the ills of eating biryani everyday.

Whether it’s a doctor or a friend, who tells you about the ill effects on health, of eating biryani daily, you give a damn.

  1. Not getting a leg piece in you biryani is the biggest disaster of your life.

Another trait of a diehard biryani lover is that the absence of leg piece from his plate is going t drive him to a bout of depression.

  1. You hardly care about what others think of you when you devour your biryani like a beast.

When you see biryani on the table, you forget all about table manners and attack it like a beast, not caring if your friends or anyone else is with you.

  1. A plate full of biryani is enough to pep you up when you are feeling low.

Biryani is the ultimate comfort food for a true biryani lover and is sure to pep him up on his saddest day.

  1. You’ve been an ardent biryani fan for all your life and vouch that it will continue till you die.

You have not known any food that is tastier for your whole life and promise that biryani will remain your favorite till you die.

So if you identify with all these attributes of a diehard biryani lover, just go ahead and dig your fork into the culinary deslight called biryani.



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