10 Special Reasons Why School Days Were the Best

School days are the most glorious days of life, which none of us can forget. Those moments we spent with our friends and teachers, seem to get etched in your memories and become part of your personality and all this is attributed to more than one reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why school days were the best:

  1. A school is the place where we build the most precious friendships of our lives. There are at least a few childhood friends whom we find during our school days and who continue to be the most cherished people I our lives as we grow up.
  2. School days are not only cherished because they give you many great friends, but also because most of you are likely to have your first crush in the school only. It could have been a classmate, a junior, a senior or even a teacher.
  3. Another reason why the school days were the best days was the joy you might have experienced as you rushed out of the classroom at lunch break, so that you could steal some extra minutes of play time. And the adrenalin rushed even faster if you can to know that the teacher is absent and you are going to get free period.
  4. What a great feeling it was to be the favorite student of your class teacher! And the best part was the jealousy you saw on the faces of your classmates when she called you to do favors for her, such as to collect the notebooks or even get a glass of water for her.
  5. The best day at your school would be when you got the permission to commute to school on your own, on your bicycle or two-wheeler. The feeling of independence would have been absolutely awesome.
  6. The coolest thing about school days was the time of the year when the teacher would ask for the names of students who wanted to go on the school trip. That would make you super excited and you would start planning the trip with your friends as soon as the announcement was made.
  7. Being selected by the teacher to take part in a competition gave you the biggest sense of achievement and made you an object of envy among your friends and fellow students.
  8. Next among the best things about your school days was the event called your birthday, when you would be the center of attention as you would go to school dressed in your best dress and carry along a bag of goodies to distribute among your class mates. Your friends would yearn to go along with you to give sweets to the teachers.
  9. School functions and group photos days were no less than celebrations, when you were supposed to put your biggest smiles on.
  10. Holidays were something which was awaited like countdowns, particularly the long summer breaks. And you were equally enthusiastic t be back to school at the end of those six long weeks.

All these precious memories promise to stay in the special corners of your heart and be there forever and ever.


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