10 Things Indians Should Know About India’s Soldiers Life

The profession of a soldier is a noble one, as it enables him to rise to the call of the motherland. The outward image of a soldier is a tough and strong one, but the days spent in the battlefield make him vulnerable and emotion inside, a side which he never dare to show even to people closest to him. No one can even imagine the feelings that go through his mind at various points of time, when he faces adverse situations.

Here are 10 Things Indians Should Know About India’s Soldiers Life Which Will Destroy Your Thinking And Will Tear You Up:

  1. When he leaves his home to join the Academy for the first time, there are dreams in his eyes, apprehension in his heart and pride in his whole being. What follows next, are days of rigorous training, full of sweat and toil, but he comes out polished, as a diamond comes out of fire. He is much quieter, more mature and emotionally stronger, a far cry from the carefree lad who came to the Academy for the first time.
  2. When it comes to leaving for the battlefield, there is an amazing feeling that he is going to serve his motherland, yet a fear that he may never see his family again, takes up a small space in corner of his heart. However, the thought of making it back, wrapped in the Tricolor, makes his chest broader with pride.
  3. Letters from home are like lifelines and pictures are like motion pictures, through which they see their children grow, their wives await them with love and yearning in their eyes and old parents await the return of their sons, before their eyes close forever.
  4. A box of sweets from home is nothing less than treasure, yet sharing it with comrades gives them the greatest joy in the world.
  5. When they reach the battlefield, the promise they make to themselves is that they will beat death and bring back the honor of their nation, no matter what they have to do for it.
  6. It is a heart breaking experience for a soldier when a fellow comrade succumbs to wounds and dies in his arms and he feels helpless for not being able to do anything for him.
  7. A soldier is haunted by the dreadful images of the battlefield for a lifetime. The blood, wounds, bullets and guns give him sleepless nights forever. Some even suffer from depression as a result of this experience.
  8. It is hard to forget the first time when a soldier has to kill his enemy, because it is more about killing a human being, a son, a father and a husband, whose family is awaiting him on the other side of the border.
  9. Nothing is more precious for a soldier than stars decorated on his shoulder, as they remind him for his service to the nation.
  10. It is a wonderful feeling when the crosses on the calendar approach the encircled date, which marks the day they will get home and meet their family.

All these feelings are unique to a soldier’s heart only and we can never even imaging how difficult life can be for our saviors on the country’s border.


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