10 Things That Make Girls Jealous of Guys

Girls tend to a complaint about each and everything to guys when it comes to the habits. It seems that they do not like anything about the boys. Well, the secret is that they are jealous of guys for many reasons. Yes, they are secretly jealous. They like few of your things that they can’t admit yet fascinate them.

Here are the 10 things that girls are jealous of guys.

  1. Pair of clothes

Give a guy a pair of cloth and he will survive with it for entire life. If you give them some color variety then it will be a just moment of rejoicing for them. Girls! They can’t even survive a couple of days.


  1. It’s easy to buy underwear

Well, it is a pretty easy job for the guys to buy underwear. It hardly matters they buy what they want. They go shopping and the deal is closed within few minutes. For girls, well they can’t even decide by then.


  1. Emotions, it’s secondary

Guys can handle emotions much better than the boys. They do not get a stick to anything and handles situations much better than girl’s.


  1. Peeing is not an issue

Well, they can pee literally anywhere they want. Girls should be jealous of guys for this reason. This is the height of independence basically for the guys.


  1. They don’t wax

Well, doesn’t matter how much hair is there, guys need not wax. Being Mammals you will have hairs, but guys are just not bothered about it. Girls do go for all this painful process.


  1. Diet! No and Never

Guys can actually eat whatever they want and how much ever they want. They do not care about the weight they might put on and the fact is they actually do not put on weight. Girls are far away from this situation as they are more scared about diet and health.


  1. They can approach a girl just like that

Guys rarely feel anything before approaching a girl. How will they feel? How will she react? All these sort of questions do not really bother them. Girls ought to feel jealous as all they do is the opposite of the guys.


  1. What to wear?

Girls might say” I don’t have anything’ each and every time. Well, guys, they can wear just what comes closest to the eyes. There is hardly any choosing and picking of dresses for them.


  1. They have couple of pair of shoes

Guys do not really bother about shoes and matching accessories. They have two pairs of shoes and these go equally well with whatever they wear. Girls will feel even dedicated a pair of shoe for each dress less and insufficient.

  1. Society doesn’t really care

Doesn’t matter what they society says “Come on they are boys”. The scenario for girls is entirely different. They will be watched, criticized and if necessary bogged down by the society. It is really a matter of jealousy here.


These things are really valid enough to make them feel jealous.


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