10 Things That Make The Guys Jealous Of Girls

Guys are always cool and they take the things better than the girls. But they lose their mind as well especially in jealousy. Well, yes guys remain secretly jealous of the girls. Small things make a difference and that is why guys can lose their mind.

Here are 10 things that make guys secretly jealous of girls.

  1. They are not strong

Well, this is the most common thing about the girls. They can just sit and cry and literally do nothing to overcome the problem. A guy has to be strong no matter what. You need to find a solution.

  1. Why guys need to pay the first Date

Is it mandatory to pay the first Date for the guys? Well, yes it is. Girls won’t pay that and is she has to pay by any chance that could be your last date with her. Girls expect guys to take responsibility and that applies for paying as well.

  1. They have curves, yet they are beautiful

Well, guys especially the fat ones are hell jealous for this. They look beautiful with curves and those long hairs, but guys with curves and long hair could look horrible.

  1. Guys have emotions

Well, nobody really bothers about the emotions of a guy. Even if they cry, people will make fun of them and if a girl cries the entire population will come to give her the shoulder. You just have to be strong being a guy.

  1. There is no huge Men Section

In the shopping places, the Men Section is often the smallest. Many times it is shared with the Kids Section as well. But there will be a huge Women Section and still the girls are not satisfied.

  1. Why it is the Guys Long Drive

Everyone loves Long Drive as long as you are driving every time in it. Well, this is simply the sum up of the story for guys. Guys have to drive in a long drive. Well, girls can comfortably ride and enjoy the drive.

  1. Why no free party for men

In the majority of the big parties in clubs, there is no entry fee for women. Well, guys need equality here. Does not matter the logic and reason, guys need to pay the entry fee and a girl can simply stare her on the way to enter the club for Free.

  1. You can’t be mum

Guys cannot be mum and just escape from the situation. They have to speak, justify and prove everything and then also they can’t escape. If a girl is silent and upset, you are not supposed to bother her for anything. It can be really jealousy matter for the guys.

  1. Guys are alone

Guys will be alone if they do not find a company. Friends might not turn up another one guy just because he will accompany another girl as she is alone. A girl cannot be along anywhere, but guys, they just have to deal with it.

  1. They get all the attention

Well, it hardly matters, who they are, how they are and where they are, girls will get all the attention and care of the world. Guys be tough enough, forget about attention, they should feel lucky if someone even notices them.

Guys and girls have differences and guys are secretly jealous of the girls and they should, as they have emotions too.


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