10 Things That Women Who Don’t Like Makeup Can Relate To

Women like makeup and most of them are obsessed with it. However, it does not mean that everyone is like that. There are women who do not really like makeup and yet as girlish as others. But how different they are from the others? They are different but with their habits and nature. They do not really like to go about life like normal women love to. Here are the 10 things that women who do not like makeup can relate to.

  1. More space at your closet

You will have a huge lot of space in your closet. Your friend might run out of spaces, but you need not to worry about it. It also looks organized and fairly clean.


  1. You are safe in the rain

There is no harm in getting drenched on the way to home, unlike your friends. There is no fear of makeup coming out from all of your faces. Take a deep breath and enjoy the rain, that’s all you want to do.


  1. No need of a massive bag

You need not carry a massive bag with you all along. The makeup takes huge space and you can just get rid of that and can simply carry your fashionable hand bag even if small.


  1. Your towel looks absolutely white

You will not find your white towel mixed up with makeup and colors. You will get your towel as it is and free from chemical and cosmetic.


  1. You do not leave your lipstick mark

Your friends leave the lip print everywhere they sip a cup of coffee. Well, that’s not you. You won’t leave any mark at the coffee shop other than your charming presence.


  1. Never bother about the Eyeliner flick

Who cares about the perfect eyeliner flick? Not you at least. You need not take the pain of applying the perfect eyeliner or mascara. You can simply get ready and go out.


  1. Save lot of money

You can save a lot of bucks as a complimentary to all of these. Research says that women expend most of their earnings on makeup items. Well, you are absolutely not included in the research and can boost your bank balance.


  1. You save your skin

You need not let go your natural skin for the artificial cosmetic. All you want is to have a healthy skin and cosmetic free skin is a just beauty. The lesser is the chemical applied; the better will be the skin.


  1. You have to wait for long for your friends

Well, that is the most common thing you face being not interested in makeup. Your friends take the usual long time and all you can do is just wait. You should have some sympathy towards boys now.


  1. You can get ready in minutes

Does not matter how much emergency you have, you can always get ready in just minutes. A lot of time is saved and you always have the added advantage. It should add the punctuality tag to your name as well.


Women who do not like makeup can easily relate to these things as they do face these every day.


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