10 Things to Know About Your First Day in College

The first day on the college is always anxious and exciting. It is a mix of emotions and equally desirable. However, one might not be sure about the first day in college. The fresh pass-outs from the high schools are very eager to see the world other side and the college campus is just the perfect place to be. There are many things that students assume before the first day in college and often stay in a world of fantasy. Here are the 10 things that you want to know about the first day in college.

  1. Friends

The first thing that comes in the mind about the first day is that you will have plenty of friends on the first day of the college. It is not necessarily true. Everyone will be stranger and you will hardly get a quality friend. So, if you are in expectation that you will have friends forever on the very first day, then face the reality, you will just acquaintances.


  1. Classroom

Well, it is an anxiety for everyone. But never worry about the class on the first day. You are not going to through into syllabus on the very first day. It will be a relax session with full of fun. You will be in the college for study, so take it very seriously from day one. You should listen to the lectures properly so that no problem arises later in the semester.


  1. Campus

Get to know the place where you want spend some quality time. Try to visit each and every corner of the place and make sure you are completely aware of the places. Make sure you explore and literally lost in the campus.


  1. Interaction

You may not get friends for life on the very first day but try to interact with as many people as you can. It will help you in further college days. Be interactive with others and make sure that you try to communicate with everyone regardless of the fact that they are in your class or not.


  1. Bullying

You may face it right on your face. But that is okay for the first day. It is also a unique experience. Do not get carried away by all these and have a positive mind frame about all these things.


  1. Professors

You are going to spend some wonderful moments with your professors for the next phase of life. So start interacting with them and try to be familiar with them as much as possible.


  1. Get involved

Make sure that you are involved with something or the other in college. Clubs are the most interesting part of the college and you must get enrolled there.


  1. Know about your college

Try to know as much as possible about your college. The history and the achievements of the college are worthy to know.


  1. Sports

Make yourself available for the sport you love to play. Interact with the members and enroll your name. You may opt for any sport you like Football, Rugby, Cricket and so on.


  1. Stay for long time

You must stay beyond the normal college hours to make the maximum. Make sure you have enjoyed your day before you head towards to rest. Explore all the parts and chit chat with the people you have come across. Your good relation can help you to have better friendship afterward.


The first day in college in not going to come again in life so make sure you have enjoyed every bit of it.



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