10 Things You Do When You Are In Love with Your Best Friend

Many of us come across such a weird situation when the thin line between friendship and love vanishes and you realize that you have fallen in love with your best friend. Your feelings towards that person take a u-turn and you can’t even gather the courage to admit them to him or her because you are too confused to realize the big event which has taken place. Not until till the feeling sinks in and you profess your love for him or her, will you be able to act and feel normal. In fact, you may end up doing some funny things till this happens, which is something like an instinctive reaction.

Here are 10 Things You Do When You Are In Love with Your Best Friend:

  1. Jealousy is the new feeling you are likely to experience when you see your best friend talking to some other guy or girl, because something between the two of you has come to an end and a new, more meaningful bond is blossoming.
  2. Getting a hug from your friend would be dream come true. This might have happened on numerous occasions before, but the feeling you will get now would be marvelous and very different from any time before.
  3. The relationship between you and his or her parents or siblings will take a new dimension now as your feelings have changed completely. You will treat them with more respect and concern, and perhaps make an attempt to impress them.
  4. In case he or she shows an extra concern towards you, you would be on cloud nine. Maybe, she is reciprocating your feelings- this is going to be the first thought to strike you at the moment.
  5. Another crazy thing which you might do when you are in love with your best friend is to wear the colors of his or her choice and win their compliments about your looks.
  6. Wait for special occasions such as the Valentine’s Day or their birthday, so that you can take a step to move things on the next level. Maybe, it would be a perfect occasion to take the big leap.
  7. You may behave in a very childish manner if something like this happens, for instance, you will try to sit next to him or her in the class or when you go for a movie with a group of friends.
  8. You would want to ride behind him or have her sit behind you so that you can feel them closer as you go for a drive.
  9. His or her joy gives you the ultimate happiness, even if it has nothing to do with you. For example, if he or she has succeeded in exams or getting a job, your smile would be bigger than theirs.
  10. A phone call from him or her would make your heart skip a beat and you would find excuses to prolong it so that you can talk to him or her for hours and hours.

All these crazy things would come to you naturally and you would not have to make efforts for them. And there is always a possibility that your best friend has the same feelings towards you will be doing the same crazy things.


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