10 Things Your Mother Does For You Which No One Else Can Do

A mother is the most special person in your life because she is the one who gives you life and also makes it worth living, by inculcating values and morals in you. She is a true epitome of love and sacrifice, who will give up all her comforts so that her child can have a comfortable life. Every day is a new journey for a mother, who witnesses her child growing into a young man or woman and feels proud in it. But most of us tend to take our mother for granted, which is the biggest mistake as there may come a time when we would want to thank her for what she has done for us, but she might not just be there for us.

Here are 10 Things Your Mother Does For You Which No One Else Can Do:

1. A mother will make sure that her child eats till the last bite and will sacrifice her own share so that the child can get the most of it. She is the one who will say she’s not hungry if there is one last piece left and the child wants more.

2. A mother will sleep on the wet side of the bed and make her baby sleep on the dry one, when he pees in the night.

3. She will always stand on your side and protect you from dad’s wrath, whether you have performed badly at the exams or have come home late from an outing with friends.

4. She will smilingly stay awake by your side all night during the exams, being at your beck and cal whenever you want tea or coffee break. She will also be your alarm clock, ready to pull you out of bed in the wee hours of the night.

5. You will never hear her complaining about her own health, when one of her children is sick and needs her attention.

6. You are likely to find missed called at the rate of 20 per hour if you are late to come back home and your phone is on the silent mode. And when you finally reach home, you will definitely see tears at the corners of her eyes.

7. She will wake up at four in the morning to pack your favorite snack in your lunch box, and not say a word about it. If you appreciate her once, the process is likely to be repeated at least twice a week.

8. If you plan to go on a holiday with friends, she will prepare a list of around 100 items (which she thinks are essential for you), put them in your bags and tally the items every half an hour till you leave.

9. No matter how rude or indifferent you are towards her, she will be always by your side, ready to comfort you with a hug whenever you need one.

10. She will always love you like her little boy or girl, even when you are grown up and even have children of your own.

Just appreciate your mom for what she has done for you as a little love and care from your side will be the best gift you can give her.


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