10 Truths of Life You Realize Only After “Teenage”

Life seems to take drastic twists and turns as years pass by and this is something which happens generally with everyone. As we grow up, we are expected to pass through stages of evolution, achieving maturity gradually as we step into every new year of life. The twenties are considered as an important milestone, a dramatic transition between adolescence and adulthood, when we are supposed to grow up and take responsibility, both financially and emotionally. There are some strange truths we confront at this stage of our life.

Here are 10 Truths of Life You Realize Only After “Teenage”:

1. This is the phase of life when you realize how important money is. A few years earlier, when your parents supported you financially, money was no big deal, but as you are on your own now or at least, are expected to do so soon, money suddenly becomes the most difficult thing to earn and hard to spend.

2. Life suddenly seems unfair, when some people around you seem to have more opportunities than you do. The worst thing is that you may be far more deserving than they are.

3. The words that were always told to you that you can live life as you want to as you grow up, seem to be the biggest lie in the world. It seems that those who said them will never be able to admit that you have grown up as per their standards.

4. Another crazy truth that you realize after crossing 20 is that you seem to have wasted all those years in college to get a degree that is totally useless. The money and time you spent there has all gone in vain, as the degree you’ve got is hardly doing you any good and others, who haven’t toiled for it seem to be far better off.

5. You also come to know that it is luck and not hard work and dedication that counts, because an idiot lands up with a dream job, while you are still sitting idle.

6. Even the worst things cannot stop life as it keeps moving on with its own pace. You become stronger as you face adversities and even the biggest things hardly seem to affect you as you become harder and more mature with the passage of time.

7. You have to be contented with what you get, this is what you learn as you turn around your twenties. This is when you realize that you cannot control things around you, all you can do is be ready to settle for them.

8. As life teaches you a new lesson on every day, you learn how to make the best of these lessons and get better and more experienced with each one of them.

9. You realize that you have to become more tolerant and mature in your relationships. You learn to value them more as compared to your ego and personal issues.

10. As the years run by and you outgrow your teen age, friends no longer take a front seat as they once did. Your career and life becomes more important than the peer pressure they subtly exert on you.

In this way, all these things realized by you as you step into the twenties, can change a lot of things in your life.


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