10 Types Of Friends We All Have In Our Lives

All of us have different kinds of friends unless you are one of those weird and aloof people who always want to be alone. If you unfortunately one of those individuals, then it’s sad to note that you are certainly missing something. It’s the fun brought by having different kinds of friends. Here are the 10 kinds of friends we all have in our lives:

10. The “I Don’t Care” Friends – These kinds of friends are the ones who never want to listen to your agonies. What is important for them is the fun that you will be spending together as friends. It’s not that they totally don’t care about what you are going through, it is just that they want to make every moment remarkable while you are still friends.


9. The Once-In-A-Blue-Moon Friends – These friends are who you seldom see in person. Maybe, they’re living in far places or they are working abroad or something. The keyword here is you are not seeing them regularly. However, they still act as if they are really updated about your life. This is why they are called one-in-a-blue-moon friends.


8. The Dirty-Minded Friends – Admit it, we always have these kinds of friends in the group even how proper or religious our circle of friends are. They are the reasons why we learn to say those not-so-good words like “fuck you”, “damn”, “holy shit” and many others. Also, they are the ones who always throw green jokes.


7. The Storyteller Friends – They’re those friends who always control the conversations when you are gathered in a certain place like in your favorite hangout bar or restaurant. It seems that the spotlight of your friendship will always be put on them, especially during boring moments.


6. The 4 A.M. Friends – These are those friends whom you always get a response every time you need their help or when you need someone to talk to, regardless of the time of the day. No matter if it is 12 midnight or 4 A.M. in the morning, you can always expect a response from them.


5. The Funny Friends – Every time you are upset, these funny friends are always on the rescue. They are the clowns in the group. Without them, it is very hard to lighten up the gloomy atmosphere in the group of friends. They make sure that you are laughing all the time.


4. The Agony Aunt Friends – These are the friends whom you would want to talk to when you need advice regarding your problems. They are the ones who see life very seriously. With this, you can always count on them if you need advices.


3. The “Dad” Friends – These are usually those friends who act like and treat you like strict dads. They will always tell you what’s the right thing to do. They want you to be safe always just like a typical dad used to do. They are very protective friends.


2. The Childhood Friends – These people are those whom you grow up with. They are the ones whom you have shared with different memorable experiences during childhood days. They are the ones who will tease you as if you are still in your childhood.


1. The Best Friends – These are the friends we consider very real, and are worth-trusting. Most of the time, we share our problems to them and ask for worthy advices. They are the ones whom you can consider as real family.


These are the 10 kinds of friends we might have. If you have these friends, your life will surely be worth-living.


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