10 Unbelievable Traits About The People Born In December

They are born on the last month of the year, but they are not the least. In fact, they are very nice people. They are Jupiter ruled and that give them few unique and different traits and characteristics in life. Here are the 10 unbelievable traits that people born on December have.

  1. They are born Teachers

They are always teachers in the life. They tend to share the knowledge and wisdom they have. They are never shackled and try to help others in the whatsoever possible way.


  1. They are Honest and Truth Seeker

You will hardly find anyone more honest them. They try to find truth in their life and are always on the path of truth and honesty. They generally do not take the path that can lead them in wrong turns of life.


  1. They are very Sporty and active

They are sporty, enthusiastic and active. People born in December do take an interest in sports and have high energy to participate. They often find success in the field of success.


  1. They can be Wise and Intellectual

They love to read and gain knowledge and posses huge wisdom. Their level of intelligence can be judged upon their success in life. They are dedicated towards their purpose and often have a high amount of concentration level.


  1. They are very organized and are natural managers

They are just born managers. They live life in an organized manner. They are very talented and skilled organizers. They can deal with complex situations and handle the situation pretty easily.


  1. They are Lucky and ride on fortune

They are very lucky indeed. They actually ride on luck and fortune. It has been widely seen that people who are born on the month of December are favored by their luck. It implies everywhere including employment and life.


  1. They are very Nice to others and very helpful

They are very nice to others and have the habit of helping people. You will come across many sweet people who are born in December. They always try to help people in their needs and extend their hands in almost every hurdle of life.


  1. They are Spiritual throughout life

They are true spiritual people and maintain it throughout the life. They are dignified personalities and respect others. You can always feel their charm and positivity.


  1. They are Strong and determined

They are very strong people and they know how to handle situations. They are strong and determined people and they can any tough situations on their back and get the job is done.


  1. They are ground to reality and very Practical

They are very practical and reality loving people. They understand that life cannot run on dream world with fantasy. They bite the cruel truth of life and try to make sure that everything is in line and grounded to reality.


They are very generous people and they can be as nicest as possible. If you are associated with them then you should feel good about it.


    • At first when I was little I thought it was bad that I was born in December but after reading this I am proud to a December baby!

  1. May be they want to please all people of December…check our other months similar good things will be written for them too… Sagittarian are practical think practically…

  2. It’s pretty good…. But in case of me the 5th and 1st point do not matches… Neither I’m lucky nor I’m a practical n reality loving person…

  3. Whao.

    this is fact.
    the person that composed this must have fasted for days for this revelation about December born.

    Is just too accurate about December born

  4. Every trait, I think,?applies to me..but can not be sure it is entirely due to my birth date..some I learned and worked hard towards in life

  5. Indeed folks about my sweet month, December, I am a great achierver in life. I am confidence of being rich in life soonest at 35years. Yes this month is really true of me.

  6. Im a sagittarian,,i was born on dec 19,,very well said,,all true.i am honest,and i dont lie coz i hate liars,,everything i say are true,,,and i treat people the way i wanna be treated,,my motto,i say what i mean and i mean what i say

  7. All true Very Very True
    They connects to my vision in life as a PHILANTROPIST AND A MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL
    I think the devil is fighting the number 6 part of me,but he’ll fail big time
    Am proud to be DECEMBER BORN

  8. So true we are specially made, i have always find my self helping others, dealing with difficult situations, and providing leadership for others as a youth.i am so much proud be born this month.

  9. I am so happy that I am a December citizen hahah So proud actually because believe it or not IT’S ALL TRUE!


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