10 Unbelievable Traits About The People Born In September

People born in September are always very different from others. They are always the odd man out in a group and have curious characteristics. It is not only impressive qualities that they have but also many associated things that define their lives. Do you know about them? Here are 10 unbelievable traits of people born in September.

They are very Hard working

You will hardly get to see more hard working people than them. They are very serious about their job and profession and often put extra efforts to excel in life.

They are Great Speaker

They are just born speakers. They have the immense quality of orating and huge power to convince others with their speech. The immense quality of speaking with the tone required is the most impressive quality they have.

They are Sarcastic sometimes

They know their power and influence and often misuse it. You will see the sarcastic nature of the people born in September very often. However, they do not do it seriously and often restrict it for joke and fun.

They are just Perfectionist

They never leave anything in between until it is just perfect. They are a perfectionist in nature and they are very serious about it. If you are with them, then they will make sure that you also do the same as they are doing. Whatever they do, either it will be perfect or they will not do at all.

They are born Artist

People born in September are very talented and they have interest on the field of art. You will see people born in September have an interest in music, dance and playing instruments. They are just born artists.

They are born Health Conscious

They are very health conscious people and maintain healthy diet and lifestyle when it comes to food. However, they often negate the good habit with something else and that causes problems in their life.

They are Inclined towards addiction

This is the habit they tend to develop with time. They get inclined towards alcohol and smoking. People born in September are generally addicted to something or the other.

They have Detective mind

They always have an investigative mind. They get suspicious and try to be a detective. They have very good analytical and logical skills and that help them to investigate any matter.

They are born Foodie

They just love food. They are fond of delicious cuisine and food items. However, that does not mean that they overeat. They tend to strike a balance between love for food and healthy lifestyle. This is their biggest positive point as they can check themselves.

They Believe in self improvement

They believe in self improvement. You will see people born in September developed knack to analysis themselves and find out the drawbacks. They do not only find it but also work upon that. The September born people always seek the opportunity to make the most of it and better themselves.

They are hard working and logical people. However, their addiction and suspicious mind can create tension on others.

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30 Responses

  1. Emmaunella says:

    I love my month

  2. Emmanuel Nana Akyen says:

    Comment:Month of harvest
    u will never get it
    I love my month

  3. Katrina Marie Miller says:

    You are such a great writer!! I really loved this flattering sum up of September people.

  4. Gochin says:

    What can I say??
    I’m just favoured to be a September born….

  5. vivian says:

    really proud to be a september born

  6. Rehaan says:

    Are u saying truth?

  7. avinash says:

    i am september born but i think i am not a perfectionist

  8. Pleb says:

    Hmmmm my dad was born in September

  9. Aniqa says:

    I love my m0nth..

  10. Nwokoye maureen says:

    I think they are one of the most difficult people to live with.

  11. Flower says:

    Im so happy to be born in september!

  12. whats in a name? says:

    love my birth month september. like september

  13. Clifford says:

    Anybody know anything else about September borns, hit me up

  14. Jennifer says:

    Love to be a September born

  15. Joseph says:

    September is the best.

  16. Bruce N. Joshua says:

    I love to be Sept kid

  17. Faith says:

    Most of them are true…and they also like being alone…I can’t even cope with myself….but I love my month

  18. Curtis says:

    wooww soo true

  19. Thoithoiba Kh says:

    I’m far away from these…..

  20. ador cynthia says:

    waw am proud to be a september born and i notice most of this characteristics in me .bless u writter

  21. Dubem says:

    Wow….that reveals me. Proudly a Sept born

  22. Subham Das says:

    Quite right

  23. Sommida says:

    I represent September 17.HDB to all if us

  24. Navin says:

    September born are also very spiritual!

  25. Mizbenny says:

    I am proud to be a September born.we re always special and unique

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