10 USB Type-C Accessories For The MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook has launched the new series of models available with the tag Pro and Air, some of the appreciable features of the new models are Touch Bar and multi touch gesture based on the OLED strip placed in order to offer superior based security and minimizing any chances of corroded touchpad. Macbook on the other hand has axed the attachment of adapters and dongle as only Thunderbolt 3 ports are available to combine with MacBook Pro.

The advancement may pluck the sweet delicious fruits with changing time, at present users are facing connectivity issue, fortunately the Thunderbolt 3 Ports available for connectivity supports USB Type-C accessories. So we have grabbed the information about the best available USB Type-C Accessories available, have look at the features of these ports accessories and buy the best available choice for you.

  1. AUKEY USB C to VGA Adapter

AUKEY is known well to develop accessories that best suites and combines with Apple gadgets or we can say specially connects well with Mac. The USB C to VGA Adapter is boon for the users want to connect their MacBook with external monitors or projectors, most of the monitors at present comes with HDMI ports but the adapters act as the savior for older monitors or projector.

  1. Plugable USB Type-C Memory Card Reader

MacBook is the most preferred choice for the photographer and videographer, absence of card reader option in order to link the photo in MacBook for further editing and final touchup is must need. You don’t need to panic as the Memory card reader from Plugable helps to diminish the shortcome. If you are feeling hampered with thunderbolt port than try this and things will go easy.

  1. AUKEY USB C to Ethernet Adapter

Wired connection to internet is the only way to use the internet in most of the offices, there is no special port for the option in MacBook models. In order to connect to wired connection on LAN you need to buy USB C to Ethernet Adapter as it will help you to use the wired internet connection as USB cord uses 3.1 standards of usage with high data transfer ability.

  1. Belkin USB-IF Certified 3-Foot Thunderbolt 3 Cable

In order to use wisely MacBook you need to offer connect well the device with the cable, the Belkin Thunderbolt connectivity wire is available with 3 foot long cable that connects usually two devices at once with the MacBook. The connector available on both the side offers maximum possible speed with no barrier in working. The Cable has the ability to be connected with 4K Display with 60W charging power.

  1. Anker Powerline USB-C to USB-C

The smart choice to consider the powerline cable by Anker is available to connect USB-C devices with MAcBook as the cable act as the medium to connect both the devices with 60W of power that can also help your MacBook to charge with 5Gbps transfer of the speed, the USB C cable can be connected to feature 4K video aswell.

  1. Apple USB C to ThunderBolt 2 Adapter

If you have upgraded to the new MacBook product from the previous available list of options than the available range of Thunderbolt 2 accessories now will be just crash, the problem is tried to be solved with Apple USB C to Thunderbolt 2 adapter as it allows to connect Thunderbolt display with new hard drives and displays. You can simply choose to connect the older devices with Thunderbolt 3 ports for the new MacBooks.

  1. Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

If you need to attach the standard option available as the USB device to your Macbook in the case you definitely need an adapter that helps to convert USB C Style Thunderbolt 3 Port on MacBook with the standard USB compatible port. If you are using the adapter with standard lightning iPhone, or iPad in such need you are free to charge and sync the device at the same time.

  1. USB C to HDMI/ USB 3.0/ USB C Hub

In case you need to attach or link more than one devices to your MacBook new version device than the function will not work as it requires USB C to HDMI/USB 3.0 device in order to use multiple devices on the go. Using the device you can connect external monitor, USB Flash Drive, or to charge the iPhone devices.

  1. Baseus Type C to Lightning Cable

Different Apple models as MacBook or iPhone 7 cannot be connected with Thunderbolt ports, to tackle the problem all you need is to connect Baseus USB Type C to lightening cable and the dual function will be managed to transfer data as well as charging of the phone. It carries 2A current but helps the device to charge fast.

1. Lumsing High Speed USB HDMI Adapter

The best option available for the USB Type C accessories available for Macbook can help to drive two 5K display together with USB 3.1 standard and has the ability to achieve the data of 10Gbps with multi compressor audio.


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