15 Amazing Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s Expensive House

Mukesh Ambani is a well-known name of India’s industry. He is a famous business tycoon and the chairperson of the largest shareholder company ‘Reliance Industry Limited’ of India. With the total worth of $22.3 billion, he is the one of the wealthiest men of the world. He is the richest person of India and stands on the 19thrank among the wealthiest men of the world.

He is highlighted in the news frequently because of his popularity and now because of his recent approach to his new home. According to his resources, he with his wife and his three children has moved to the new house, called Antilia, which is among the most expensive property of the world. This house has many shocking and amazing facts. Have a look on the interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani’s new house.

  1. Antilia is the first house of the world that surpasses a net price of one billion dollar. It is considered the most expensive house of the world.
  2. A staff of 600 members looked after the house of 400,000 square foot.
  3. Antilia is located on the world’s most lavish address, the Altamount Road, located in Mumbai.
  4. The lobby of the house only has nine elevators and according to Mukesh’s wife, there is no design repetition anywhere on the floors of the residence.
  5. The house called Antilia is constructed on the 49,000 square foot plot that touches the height of almost 550 feet.
  6. The house is 27 storied and some ceilings of the house is double heighted that is why the house looks closer to the size of 40 storied.
  7. The house ‘Antilia’ is named after a legendary Island of Atlantic that is also named as ‘Antilia’.
  8. Inside the Antilia, the garage is built huge to park no less than 170 cars.
  9. The roof of Antilia also has three helipads that provide option to arrive by means of air.
  10. The house is also equipped with spa, a gym and the yoga corner that helps the Ambani’s family to remain fit.
  11. At the corner of the house is also a Temple, where the whole family gets to prayer regularly.
  • The Antilia has also a home theatre of its own with the total capacity of 50 persons to be seated.
  • Antilia also brags a lush and lavish ballroom, fir party and kitty get together.
  • The interior of the home is designed such as to save the energy and the hanging gardens absorb sunlight that keeps the house fresh and cool.
  1. The house has its own snow world that keeps the house cool even when it is burning hot outside. The room is called ice room that makes them experience the season of winters indoor.

The house of Mukesh Ambani is the grand tower that stands above the skyline of Mumbai that reminds everyone that this is where the richest man in India resides!  The motivated project was valued to be built at 2 billion dollars.


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