20 Reasons Why Your Parents Are Disappointed In You

The conventional Indian family abounds in generation gaps and difference of opinions between the parents and their children. Most of the times, parents are not happy with the decisions and mindsets of their children and they consider them to be naïve and immature.

Here are 20 reasons why your Indian parents are disappointed in you:

1.They are sorry for the fact that you have made the wrong choice of career, which according to them, has ruined your future. The conventional career choices for the Indian parents are medicine and engineering and anything else seems to be a sinful choice.

2.The next most important thing they do not approve of is your relationship status as they want you to get hitched with a person of their choice and if you don’t do that, it is the biggest disappointment for them.

3.They find you awkward at family gatherings, which make you an object of social conversations between relatives and your parents may even be ashamed by this.

4.Another big problem arises when you don’t want to interact with distant relatives, which is a matter of real disappointment for them.

5.They are also saddened by the fact that you do not know a half of their relatives and also do not show interest in knowing them. Your parents may feel that you are cutting them off from the rest of the family by behaving this way.

6.If you are not interested in traditional home cooked food or don’t want to learn anything about the family hallmark dishes, it is also a disappointment issue for your parents.

7.You are not doing them a favor when you give a deaf ear to what they have to say on a particular matter or if you show an indifferent reaction to their decisions.

8.When you say that you have nothing to do with their religious superstitions such as avoiding wearing a particular color on a particular day, it will be something really depressing for your parents.

9.Another great disappointment for your parents comes when you make up your decision of moving out and living independently. It may seem to them that you are too immature for that, whenever it happens.

10.They may think that you do not care enough about them, as you hardly find time to call them or visit them.

11.Indian parents may be disappointed by the dressing sense of their sons and daughters, particularly when they show up in a family gathering without discussing the dress they plan to wear, with them in advance.

12.When you resort to Western medicines for treating small problems, parents would feel ditched as you don’t show trust in the home remedies suggested by them.

13.When you fail to join up family business and take up a job instead, it is another big disappointment for your Indian parents.

14.They are confused about the job you have taken up and are puzzled about how to boast about your profession in front of their friends and relatives.

15.There are times when your parents are really angry because of the company you keep and the kind of friends you show up with in public.

16.Another cause of their disappointment in you is your physical appearance as in “weight”, though they may be equally saddened if you refuse to eat the fatty goodies they prepare for you.

17.You fail to show interest in the match making spree they go on, as soon as you reach your mid twenties.

18.Your exam results can be another factor which can bring sadness for them, particularly if they expect a lot from you.

19.Your comparison with a relative’s child often causes them to feel that you have failed them on all fronts.

20.If you don’t agree with them on making lavish expenses on your wedding, that too is a matter of great distress for the Indian parents, who take weddings as the occasion to show off.

Despite the fact that Indian parents find multiple reasons to be disappointed with their children, they still love them from the core of their heart.


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