25+ Countries Indians Can Travel To Without a Visa

Visa formalities and paperwork are some factors which act as obstacles for travel freaks and often dissuade them from following their first love, which is to travel around the world and see new destinations. However, there are some global destinations where Indians do not require a visa to travel or are granted a visa on arrival, as soon as they reach these countries. This makes these destinations quite popular among Indians as they can see new places without going through complex paperwork and intricate legal regulations. Here are 55+ beautiful countries Indians can travel to without a visa:


Visa not required.

2.Cook Islands

Visa not required.


Visa on arrival is offered for a period of 30 days, which allows a valid stay in the country for this period.


Visa not required.


A 30 day period visa on arrival is provided to the tourists, which allows them to have a valid stay there for this period.

6.Cape Verde

Visa on arrival.


Visa on arrival is made available for a period of two weeks, on the condition that the person possesses a minimum of US $ 3000 to support his stay there for this period.


Visa on arrival is granted to Indians for a period of 90 day valid stay in the country.


Visa not required.


Visa on arrival.


Visa not required.

12.Hong Kong

Visa not required.


Visa not required


Visa not required.


Visa on arrival is issued to all Indian travelers, for a 30 day period valid stay in the country.

16.El Salvador

Visa not required.


A 90 day period visa on arrival is issued to the Indian as they land in Maldives.


Visa not required.


Visa on arrival is issued to Indians visiting Kenya and it carried the permission to have a valid stay there for a period up to 3 months.


Madagascar provides a 90 day period visa on arrival to the Indian tourists to the country, allowing them toasty here legally for the same period of time.


Visa not required.


Thailand provides a 15 day visa on arrival, for which a visa fee of 1000 Baht has to be paid.


Visitor’s permit on arrival provides the permission to Indians to have a valid stay of one month in the country.


Visa not required.

25.Trinidad and Tobago

Visa not required.


Visa on arrival.

27.Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visa not required.

28.St Lucia

Visa on arrival is offered for a period of 6 weeks as soon as the Indian tourist lands in this country.


Entry permit on arrival is made available to Indian visitors and its validity extends to a period of 60 days.

Full List

1. Bhutan

2. Hong Kong

3. India

4. South Korea (Jeju)

5. Macau

6. Nepal

7. Antarctica

8. Seychelles

9. FYRO Macedonia

10. Svalbard

11. Dominica

12. Grenada

13. Haiti

14. Jamaica

15. Montserrat

16. St. Kitts & Nevis

17. St. Vincent & Grenadines

18. Trinidad & Tobago

19. Turks & Caicos Islands

20. British Virgin Islands

21. El Salvador

22. Ecuador

23. Cook Islands

24. Fiji

25. Micronesia

26. Niue

27. Samoa

28. Vanuatu

29. Cambodia

30. Indonesia

31. Laos

32. Thailand

33. Timor Leste

34. Iraq (Basra)

35. Jordan

36. Comoros Is.

37. Maldives

38. Mauritius

39. Cape Verde

40. Djibouti

41. Ethiopia

42. Gambia

43. Guinea-Bissau

44. Kenya

45. Madagascar

46. Mozambique

47. Sao Tome & Principe

48. Tanzania

49. Togo

50. Uganda

51. Georgia

52. Tajikistan

53. St. Lucia

54. Nicaragua

55. Bolivia

56. Guyana

57. Nauru

58. Palau

59. Tuvalu

All these countries have some amazing attractions for tourists, and they also have liberal visa regulations. Both these factors are the reasons they have seen a great influx of Indian tourists to all these destinations in the recent times.


  1. Thanks for the useful information. I love to go to Nepal because i have many of my school mates over their. Thanks a lot guys.. I hope its true info…Thanks Sathik…


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