15 Best 3D-Modeling Software You Can Use For Free

3D modeling tools are extremely in demand these days. These tools can promote more efficient presentation of various projects. Professionals or even novice ones will surely find customizing and building models easier than before. In relation to this, here are 15 useful 3D-modeling software you can use for free:

  1. Wings 3D – What is loved by many about this modeling software is its customizable interface. This advanced sub-division modeler even has a number of modeling tools that can surely help a lot just like the AutoUV mapping tool. Some other amazing features it offers are virtual mirroring support ad export facility intended for those common 3D formats.


  1. Daz Studio – This is a very powerful 3D modeling software that people can take advantage without paying for a single dime. Even though it is not that beginner-friendly software, one thing is for sure and this is the fact that it is packed with so much amazing features and functionalities.


  1. Open SCAD – The main focus of this 3D modeling software is the CAD aspects, and this is free for those common operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It is actually a 3D-compiler modeler, rather than an interactive modeler.


  1. AutoDesk 123D – 3D-modeling tools and CAD are all packed in this particular software. What is even the best about it is it can support 3D printing technology. In creating and designing 3D models, AutoDesk 123D can offer various tools. And for inspiration, there are free 3D models associated with this software, which are around 10,000.


  1. Meshmixer 3.0 – In just simple steps, you can already combine 2 or more 3D models through the assistance of this 3D modeling software. The procedure that needs to be done is just a matter of simple cut and paste routine. 3D printing is even supported by Meshmixer 3.0.


  1. 3DReshaper – If you are looking for user-friendly 3D modeling software, then this is the perfect one for you. This is best to use in the fields of ship-building, civil engineering, mining, and arts. For easy creation of models, this software is made with a number of useful features.


  1. 3D Crafter – Intuitive drag-and-drop approach is incorporated in this particular 3D modeling software. This software will help you create 3D models and animations in a real-time manner. What is best about it is that you can make those simple 3D shapes transform into complex models.


  1. PTC Creo – With the use of 3D CAD direct modeling approach, model designers and mechanical engineers can surely come up with their desired final products with the help of this comprehensive system. The object’s geometry can surely be changed in just a matter of time. The truth is, it’s a premium software, but it also offers free 30-day trial that you can take advantage.


  1. LeoCAD – Designing virtual LEGO models can be done easily through this CAD software. Just in case you don’t know, it is a perfect LDD software alternative. Its interface is very user-friendly, and animation mode and key framing are supported by this 3D modeling software. Linux, Mac OS, and Windows cannot have problem in taking advantage of this free software.


  1. VUE Pioneer – If you want to make images of landscapes that are hyper-realistic, then this is the perfect software to use. Advanced users will definitely find it extremely useful. Beautiful 3D landscapes can be produced through it. Cornucopia 3D content can be directly accessed with VUE Pioneer.


  1. Netfabb – It is actually not just a viewer, since it can also help in repairing 3D models, editing, and analyzing. When talking about the installation size, this one is known to be the smallest and the lightest. 3D printing is also supported by Netfabb.


  1. NaroCAD – This is an extensible CAD modeling software, and it is a full-pledged one. Linux and Windows platforms are the only ones being supported by this 3D modeling software. What is even great about it is its OpenCascade technology. Whether 3D advanced modeling operation or a basic one, NaroCAD can surely work.


  1. LEGO Digital Designer – Mac OS and Windows are the only platforms being supported by this 3D modeling software. The designing of models in this software can be done through the utilization of virtual LEGO bricks in CAD. With some other 3D modeling software, the models created in this software can surely be edited through its export feature.


  1. ZCAD – Apart from 3D models, this software can also help in designing 2D drawings. The entire modeling task is sure to be in smoother flows because of the numerous tools available in ZCAD. Good viewing angles are also assured by this software.


  1. Houdini Apprentice – For your own information, Houdini Apprentice is the free version of the premium 3D modeling software known as Houdini FX. This can be perfectly used in making 3D-modeling projects that are non-commercial. This is why it would be great for hobbyists, artists, and students.


These are the 15 useful 3D-modeling software that can be used for free. You can never go wrong with these software, so make sure to take advantage of them.


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