5 Best Free Online OS AKA Cloud OS That You Can Try

Cloud technologies have emerged like no time before in the past few years. After cloud storage, there are cloud based operating systems now. These are nothing but set of applications running online, and computers with cloud OS are specifically interfaced to works as a platform where these cloud based applications would run. The whole system is technically not residing within a machine, rather just platform allowing the applications to run. Cloud OS usually don’t take up much space, hence they could run on computers with minimal configuration as well. There are others than run on your existing Windows setup as well.



JoliCloud could be installed on a computer much like a standalone operating system, unlike most other cloud OS available online. It’s an offline cloud OS. Not just the prepared OS itself, but even the source code is available on GitHub for advanced tweaking by more enthusiast users. However, JoliCloud is running on around 2 million devices. Number of apps on this OS is around 1500, pretty good for an online OS.


iSpaces Cloud Computer

The service that iSpace offers is basically a seamless cloud storage solution. There’s only 1 GB of cloud storage offered by iSpace, yet it supports other cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive which gathers enough space for apps and file storage. This is an online OS, no offline provision for running from the PC itself. Zoho’s online suit work as the office suit on this OS and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer act as the internet browser. Multiple Virtual Desktop allows the users to seamlessly switch between both interfaces.


Silve OS

SilveOS mocks Windows OS in every possible way. More precisely, Windows 7’s interface is the basic interface for SilveOS as well. However, Microsoft Silverlight needs to be installed on the base computer for SilveOS to run properly. Not many applications are supported at this moment, yet the basic ones like Internet Explorer, File Explorer, a basic video editor, Rich Text Editor, social networks like YouTube, Facebook, few instant messengers etc. are on the supported list.



ZeroPC is one of the highest featured cloud based online OS these days. The user interface looks pretty good and promising, other than that there are many apps to run on this OS platform as well. Storage media like 4shared, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. social networks like Facebook and Twitter, photo sharing networks like Flickr and Instagram all are available on ZeroOS. Combined storage space offered by this OS is 40 GB maximum.




Cloudo mocks the look from Linux Distro. The features are pretty much Linux based, people who have used Linux in past would be able to relate the operability and features on Cloudo. The basic apps like Calendar, Mail, Music Player, basic Word processor etc. are all available. There’s an app developer tool as well, where people could develop their own apps for Cloudo.



These are our top 5 assortment for best online OS. These tend to change very often and the ranks could change over time as well. For now, you might try these five.


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