A Brief History Of Great Indian Circus

Circus has been a source of entertainment all around the world. The people and children from the entire world and of all the ages enjoy circus very much. Circus shows are all about the gymnasts and jokers. The children get tempted from the aerobatics and stunts that the jokers and jugglers perform in the circus.

In current years, the Indian Circus has acquired a very honorable reputation in its own country and also in the abroad. By and large, Indian circus is a marginal industry for the country. There is a book of history of the Indian circus that has watched a number of ups and downs in the whole journey of becoming popular and famous.

The beginning of the first Indian Circus:

Many people believed that the entertainment of the circus became prominent in the late 19th century, probably in 1880. According to Philip Astley, who was a British riding dominant, the first Indian circus was founded in 1880. The founder of the Great Indian circus was Vishnupant Chatre, who was a riding master as well as a singer. Chatre was the in charge of the sheds of the Rajah of Kurduwadi. Vishnupant Chatre was also used to present the stunts perfectly with the help of the horses.

Later on Chatre with his wife decided to establish his own circus in India, inspired by the performance of the royal Italian Circus of Giuseppe Chiarini who said bluntly that India is not ready to have its own circus. This inspired Chatre to organize his circus in which he used his some of the pupils and that was the first circus of India.

Following this the Great Indian circus experiences the great popularity among the length and breadth of the country. Later then in 1884, Chatre went to tour the Southeast Asia and then he was also invited to cross the United States. And after his talent being underestimated in US, Chatre returned to the homeland in defeat.

The Predecessor of Indian Circus:

In the visits with Keeleri Kunhikannan, who is now known as the father of Indian Circus, Chatre requested him to train the acrobats for his circus company. In the year of 1901, Keeleri Kunhikannan inaugurated a school of circus near Kollam that gained popularity throughout the India. The performers, later, of the circus also started their private circus companies in India.

Kamala Three Ring circus, the one of the main circuses that played an important role in the widespread of Indian Circus, is worth mentioning here, started his career with small two pole tent and ends up with American six pole, three ring circus. That circus was the first circus of its kind in the whole Asia.

Following these events, Indian circus went on to ride the stairs of success and gained the international fame in the regards of circus. And because of the efforts of these gentlemen, India has now achieved the authority to have twenty three active circuses that are grouped in a national federation. Now Indian circus has flourished a lot that it has become a part of Indian entertainment culture.


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