A2 Hosting Review – Compare Plans & Server Uptime

The world of hosting service is getting competitive each day. There are many players that are coming in and making it difficult for the customers to choose from. A2hosting is one of the most popular and affordable hosting services available in the world. The US based hosting service is known for excellent performance, cheap offers, and high values. Here is the detailed review of the A2hosting. A2 hosting Offers 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 24/7 Guru Crew Support & SwiftServer Platform.

Price and Features

As far as price and features are concerned, A2hosting leads even the top players. The minimum package of A2hosting starts from $3.92. The features included in this package are huge and better than others. But this is not it for A2hosting, there are many other things associated with it. You can extend your plans at any point of time as well. The hosting service has shared services, dedicated services, and SSD services as well. The price of the SSD or Solid State Service is $7.46. The VPS service also starts from $14.42. The price range of A2hosting service is much affordable than others.


It is true that performance is a true parameter to decide the significance of any hosting service. The best part of the performance is the uptime. It is almost 100% for A2hosting. The speed of the hosting service is equally good for the hosting service. However, the hosting speed gets increased by at least three times with the use of SSD. This is one of the biggest advantages that is outstanding for A2hosting. Out of many other advantages, the control panel is another one for the hosting service. It provides the cPanel for it and that is ideal for user friendly service. The majority of the performance depends upon the server a hosting service offers. The cloud Linux operating system of A2hosting service is well credibility of providing the top notch service. This makes it one of the best services across the market. Along with all the features, realizing the volatility of the market, A2hosting offers 30 day money or cash back program as well.



This is one of the issues that has rocked many hosting services. However, A2hosting scores very well in this aspect. It is compatible with all major platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. It is well capable of handling the e-commerce website as well. The most common platform for e-commerce is Magneto and A2hosting supports that as well.


Customer Service

This may not sound very important, but this is one of the biggest parameters that one should consider for hosting service. The customer support is as important as the performance. A2hosting does very good with that. They offer call, chat and ticket systems for customer service. If you are looking for reliable and quick customer support service then A2hosting is a shining name. Unlike other services, you may not need to wait for long time.

This is one of best hosting service available in the market. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and trustworthy hosting service then A2hosting is the best opinion.


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