10 Android Apps to Enhance and Optimize your Smartphone

Android smartphones are very open to user interaction – just know the correct command and an Android device would do everything; unlike many other smartphone platforms currently available in the market. While that’s cool enough, it often makes way for different problems to arise. Messing up file system and core system files is pretty easy on Android due to the openness, even on regular usage an Android handset might turn slow and start stuttering at a very annoying rate. Whatever be the case, having an app for enhancing and optimizing the performance on an Android smartphone could be the savior. Here’s a brief compilation of 10 enhancer and optimizer apps review for Android.


  1. Android Assistant

Android smartphones pile up a large amount of cache file over the period of usage, depending on the apps though. Apps made by reputed developers usually come with built in optimization techniques to better handle cache files, but there are plenty that will just clog the cache memory ending up in a slow device. Android Assistant helps a user clean the cache, install multiple APKs at once etc.


  1. 3C Toolbox

For rooted Android smartphones, 3C Toolbox is one of the best apps that can clear cache memory, install multiple APKs, clear cache by individual app or the whole memory at all etc. Apart from that, there are other enhancement options like hiding tabs or menu in the app drawer, automatic update of apps, better notification management, edit main screen icons etc.


  1. ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM Toolbox Lite is basically a toolbox-like app for any Android smartphone; it’s a multi-purpose utility – kind of serves like having a Swiss army knife in real life. It does few tasks that most of the manufacture-modified Android ROMs or even the stock Android AOSP ROM doesn’t provide like changing system fonts, backup and restore applications with data, manage files in even better ways etc.


  1. DU Speed Booster

The interface on DU Speed Booster is very well-made and crafted keeping the user requirements in mind. Users will love the bright flashy colors and gauge styled information dials. This app offers boosting games, regular apps, phone acceleration etc. Depending on the app opened, DU Speed Booster adjusts system parameters accordingly.


  1. Clean Master

When it comes to file cleaning and system optimization in Android smartphones, Clean Master offers the highest usability a user can have. The app interface is pretty straight-forward, there’s no fancy stuff but only what’s necessary. Clean Master could be configured to automatically scan for malicious apps and excessive resource hungry apps to perform necessary tune-up accordingly.


  1. Greenify

Greenify is for people who wouldn’t like much user involvement in optimizing an Android smartphone, rather just leaving it and let an app do these complicated tasks. Greenify automates the cache-cleaning and smartphone optimization process but could be manually overridden as well. If Greenify finds an app that’s highly battery consuming or taking up all the system resource and not being used, Greenify will instantly hibernate the apps and bring back balance on the RAM.


  1. 360 Security

360 Security offers security, enhancement of device and also necessary modifications as requested by the user. A system could be nesting malicious files and apps without the user even knowing, 360 Security could locate and erase them off an Android smartphone at ease. Cleaning the cache memory and temporary data is a regular feature on 360 Security.


  1. CCleaner

Initially available for Windows based PCs, now CCleaner makes its way towards the Android operating system as well and nevertheless, it has earned popularity in this platform as well. Users can perform file cleaning tasks precisely using CCleaner – few of the tasks are removing duplicate files, clean uninstallation of apps, cleaning call and SMS log, monitoring system resources and resource consumption by apps etc.


  1. SD Maid

While most of the apps focus on making the internal configuration and storage of a smartphone better, SD Maid solely focuses on the external storage space on a device. There’s an engine developed by the developers of SD maid and the only responsibility of this module is locate for duplicate and junk files, also files dumped in important locations that could be slowing down an Android phone. On overall judgment, SD Maid seemed to work good on all external storages on mobile phones.


  1. App MGR III

The overly abbreviated word App MGR III means App Manager 3. Yes, the name is pretty weird but the performance and output of this is near perfect. Using Google’s Material Design language on the overall skins make it look better and soothing to the eyes. Batch cleaning the cache files require only one tap and it’s done.



If you had been on a quest for the best optimization apps for Android ecosystem, these are the ones totally worth your time and money.


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