10 Apps To Test Hardware Info on Android Smartphone

All of us love to tamper with our smartphones on free days. We like to checkout everything we see. We scroll through all the apps, click many pictures etc. So when the phone gets hang down, we may try to know more about phone’s hardware. Well, here is the solution of what you are searching for. Below are the 10 apps to test hardware on android.

1. AnTuTu Tester

AnTutu Tester is an android app which is used to test the hardware of your android phone. It allows the battery test which helps to run the phone for several hours. It helps to calculate your score through the consumption of battery power. It has multi touch test and gives all the system information including info for CPU, GPU, Memory, SD Card, Screen, WiFi, GPS.

2. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone doctor plus checks 30 smartphone hardware items – the system monitor, system prediction of battery life, network status, extend battery life and network usage history. There is test of 30 hardware items and hardware items for multi-touch,touch screen, earphones and microphones, speaker and microphone, call function, accelerometer, gyroscope etc.


3. Phone Tester

Phone tester is a free app which allows you to analyse and test you smartphone’s hardware, sensors and components, to confirm that everything is working fine. You can test the sensors, wifi, telephony, gps, battery, multi-touch, camera etc. You will be able to check or test all the hardware features of these.


4. Sensor Box

Sensor box  detects all available sensors on our android device and differently shows us  how they work with extraordinary graphics. Sensor box are the sensors which is supported by the hardware and gives useful sensor tools that can be used in our daily routine.


5. Z-Device Test

Z-DeviceTest  checks your Android device sensors  and it analyse all the characteristics of your smartphone. You can use the app to complement the manufacturer’s technical information, to test the proper functioning of all your sensors, to measure the accuracy of each sensor, to  check the GPS signal, camera, compass, accelerometer, microphone, speakers, WiFi signals, Bluetooth, GSM / UMTS, FM Radio, Display, Battery, CPU, Memory, Vibration, USB, Audio / Video , operating system, light sensor etc..


6. PCMark for Android 
PCMark for Android is the best for benchmarking your android smartphone. It benchmarks the performance of the whole device, the tests are based on everyday activities, there is no abstract algorithms, they can see every test in action instead of watching progress bars. This app is 100% free and no restrictions.

7. CPU-Z, AIDA64 and Hardware Info (JFDP Labs)

All these apps show you deets related to system, display, battery, network, processor, camera, sensors, codec, thermal, and basic device information. They are decent hardware information apps which tests your hardware.

8. Quadrant

Quadrant is a famous benchmark tool which evaluates the vivid typles of hardware in your device which includes your device’s CPU, memory and input/output operations. This is a free standard version which supports and customize the benchmark settings.

9. GLBenchmark 

GLBenchmark is the best option which you are trying to evaluate your  Android’s 3D performance. It is not like some older 3D benchmark apps. It allows 33 various tests which gives you a well rounded picture. It is a benchmark  which measures the performance stability, render quality and consumption of power. It also measures graphics performance. It is very simple and easy-to-use application


10.CPU benchmark 

CPU benchmark is the android app which cares about your smartphone’s CPU performance. Try this app and make your smartphone more live and this app is mainly useful when you are playing with overclocking your Android’s CPU  which means this app will show you how much additional performance the overclock provides you.


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