Axis Bank – Review and Features

Axis Bank is the one of the famous banks of India. It is the third largest remote sector bank in India. It is formerly known as UTI Bank and was founded in the year of 1990. The headquarters of the bank is located in Mumbai Maharashtra, India. It has the largest ATM network among the private banks in India. The business is extended all across the globe with the eight international branches in the countries like Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Colombo.

The bank is the most trusted bank all across India because of its variety of services and facilities to its customers with really quick and speedy processing. Axis bank hopes that their services meet the requirements of their clients in order to maintain their reputation.


With the axis Bank, today the banking in India has become very easy and convenient. Axis bank offers a wide variety of personal products like saving accounts, current accounts, salary accounts and family banking. Deposits, loans, cards, insurance are also counted as the valuable services of the Axis Bank. The products that are included in the business category are also provided by the axis bank on the affordable rates. Axis bank provides funding for the small business with a big dream. Axis bank also allows its customers to take their business beyond borders with the forex solution. They also provide SME loans for your business to meet every need of your business.

SME Loans for Business:

SME is the funding of small and medium sized enterprises that represents a major function of the general business finance market. The SME loans that are offered by Axis bank is very trust worthy and provides customized credit solutions for your business firms. The wide range of customized solutions that ensure you may get the best suited product for you and your firm. The Bank of Axis also provides Fast-Track Products that ensure the faster credit delivery for the fulfillment of the terms and conditions. It also provides Supply Chain Finance solutions to the dealers of various businesses across different sectors ensuring convenience and ease. Because of their long term partnerships and innovative solutions, SMEs of axis bank is the best one to consider.

Home Loans:

Axis bank offers affordable and flexible housing loans that can turn your dream to own a house into a reality. Home loans of axis bank are seamless and the process of disbursement is flawless, making it easy to avail. The striking interest rates and negligible processing fees make the home finance products of Axis Bank, a first choice for savvy consumers.


Insurance is the foremost priority of every person in the world. Whether it comes to life insurance or health insurance, the happiness of your family and their security is the top most priority of Axis bank. So protecting your family and fulfilling their dreams can be best achieved by the insurance plans of the Axis Bank. The Bank understands your sentiment and brings easy and affordable insurance plans for you and for your family.

The only vision of the bank is to provide transparency and teamwork to the customers so that it could maintain its standard and reputation all around the world.



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