Top 10 Most Beautiful & Cute Cat Breeds In The World

Cats are loved and petted by everyone. These cute, adorable and playful pets add joy and help us forget the stress of a busy day. There are a large number of cute cat breeds out there. Here is a list of ten amazing and cutest cat breeds.

  1. Persian Cats

Originated from Persia (old name of Iran), Persian cats are one of the oldest and most popular cat breeds in the world. They have long hair and are elegant. The most remarkable feature of Persian cats, that attracts people, is their long and thick coat of hair. They have short legs, wide heads with ears far apart and extremely shortened muzzles. They come in many color variations.

These cats are usually calm and placid in nature. They prefer well to adapt environments. They are extremely affectionate and demand your attention. They love to be with the members of the house and other pets.


  1. Scottish fold

Scottish folds are recognized by their folded years which are quiet small and their face is dominated by the large round eyes. The folded ears make them look like owls. Unlike the fully grown ones, the Scottish fold kittens have straight ears which start folding after the age of three. There are both longhaired and shorthaired Scottish folds and come in various colors and patterns.

They are quite cats with small and soft voice. They easily get adapted with children who treat them politely, other cats and friendly dogs. They are capable of learning tricks and are very playful and affectionate.


  1. Exotic shorthair

The exotic shorthair is a breed developed as a result of crossing the Persian cats with other shorthaired cats. These cats have almost the same features of the Persian cats and come in variety of colors and patterns. Unlike the Persian cats, they have shorthair.

These cats are also playful, affectionate. They do not need to be groomed. They are much the same as Persian Cats and are naughty and clever like the American shorthairs. Another remarkable thing about the Exotic shorthair is that they are not easily affected by diseases.


  1. Ragdoll

Ragdoll is a large-sized cat with muscular semi-longhair with soft and silky hair. In fact, it is the largest domesticated cat breed. These cats have sturdy body and large frame. They are large in size and weight. They come in six colors, namely, red, seal, chocolate and the corresponding “dilutes”, including blue, lilac, and cream.

They are easy to handle and are extremely loyal. They stand at the doorsteps to receive their masters when they come. They are smooth and they are so intelligent that they hide their claws while playing with you. They are called ragdolls because of their tendency to follow people around and their lack of aggression towards other pets.


  1. Turkish Van

It is a large cat breed which is originally from Turkey. They have medium hair with long tail which has a brush appearance. They have blue or amber eyes or are odd-eyed. It is a rare breed. They are also referred to as ‘swimming cats’ because of their fascination for water. They have large paws and rippling hard muscle structure which allows them to be very strong jumpers.

These cats are very playful and lively. They enjoy play-fetch and even fetch toys to the owners to initiate play.


  1. Birman

Birman, also called ‘sacred cat of Burma’, is one of the most attractive cat breeds.  It has sapphire eyes, which has been resembled with the goddess of the Burmese temple, and the body is golden yellow color. They have muscular body with medium sized tails.

They are not very active cats but they like to be with their owners and also forms bond with other pets.


  1. American bobtail

American bobtails are uncommon domesticated cat breeds. It is named so because of their stubby bobbed tail. It comes in both long and short hair. It has moderately long body with full, broad chest.

These cats are playful and social. It demands attention from you by meowing or by jumping onto your lap. They are capable of easily escaping from closed rooms and secured cages. They are loyal and affectionate.


  1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats range from medium sized to large ones. They come in many different colors: black, brown, chocolate etc. it is cat breed which is long, strong with bushy tail. This breed originated in Northern Europe. They have strong claws and are therefore excellent at climbing. A unique feature of this breed is their double layer coat which enables it to survive the cold. It has wooly thick bottom layer and a water shedding upper layer.

These cats are adaptable both outdoors and indoors. They have an amazing potential to become swift and effective hunters if kept primarily indoors. They are intelligent, friendly and affectionate and demands attention.


  1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon breed is the largest cat breed with long hair, large eyes and thick bushy tail. These cats have rectangular body shapes with silky flowing coat and vary widely in color.

Hair must be combed regularly. They are reputed specially for their intelligence and playful and gentle personality.


  1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian is a medium type cat breed with short hair and large eyes. They have long and tapering tails which are bushy at the ends. This breed is known to have originated from Ethiopia and is developed today in Great Britain. They are slender and fine boned with wedge shaped heads.

They are extremely timid and particularly shy of strangers. They have unusual intelligence and generally extroverted, playful, willful personalities. They become depressed if not constantly engaged or not given attention.



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