Top 10 Most Colorful & Beautiful Fresh Water Aquarium Fishes

Many people love to adopt fish as pets. The reason for this is the fish are one of the pets that are least pets on hand and you don’t have to touch them. As pets are then cause of spreading different kinds of diseases, fish are the safest pets that don’t transmit and spread the diseases. The other purpose of adopting fish as a pet is that they also serves as the embellish function in your house. As the fish are available in array of colors, sizes and shapes, they look great in the fish tanks or aquarium set beautifully in the corner of your house.

If you are looking to set up a beautiful aquarium, you should definitely consider the following ten beautiful and colorful freshwater fish that gives your aquarium a bright and awesome look.

1. Flowerhorn Cichlid Fish:

the Flowerhorn Cichlid fish are the one of the best freshwater aquarium fish that is noted for their beautiful colors and shapes. These fish set your aquarium beautiful with their vivid presence of colors. These Flowerhorn Cichlid fish are the aggressive fish types that are usually found in the US. They are one of the expensive fish in the world because of their unique pattern of skin and distinct combination of colors.

2. Fantail Guppy Fish:

next most beautiful fish in the world is the Fantail Guppy that is also known as the millionfish or rainbow fish. It is one of the most widely distributed fish for freshwater aquarium because of their most popular attractive and stunning colors. These fish are also cheap for your aquarium as they are present in abundance. The patterns on their tails make the fishtail guppy beautiful and they serve as the ornamental function to your aquarium. These fish are available in almost 20 color combinations across the globe.

3. Aulonocara:

these fish are also famous by the names of peacock cichlids or peacocks. These fish displays numerous colors that look great in the aquarium zone. Peacock cichlids are widely used for the embellishment of their aquarium for more than 30 years. The genus of this fish is strongly dichromic and is best kept with the medium sized cichlids. These fish are non-aggressive and lives peaceful with other types of fish in the aquarium or ponds. They have vertical dark colored stripes on all their body.

4. Gourami:

these are also the ornamental freshwater fish for aquarium that are available in the beautiful colors in Asia. Mostly found in the countries of Asia like India, Pakistan and Korea. The pattern on the skin of Gourami is very beautiful and these are different on almost every fish. These fish are mostly small sized and suitable to keep in the home aquarium. These are active and entertaining fish that comes in the stunning and attractive variations in colors.

5. Boeseman’s Rainbowfish:

these fish are native to Indonesia and are available in Indonesia in large quantity. The Boeseman’s Rainbowfish are attractive and peaceful fish that is why it is common in the h9ome aquariums the pattern of these fish are totally different from the other rainbow fish and that is why they are priced a bit expensive. The fins of these fish are orange and are placed on the dorsal sides.

6. Poecilia wingei:

these fish are also famous with the names of Black-Bar Endler and Endler’s livebearer. These fish are one of the beautiful and ornamental fish that are used for the home aquarium. These are the hybrids and are the abundant fish that are easy to find in Paria Peninsula. They are available in brilliant neon colors with the compact bodies. They are peaceful organisms and are very easy to take off.

7. Ram cichlid:

next on our list is the species of Ram cichlid which are native to the countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Savannahs. It is a peaceful and attractive species of fish that are flamboyantly colored. The fish are seven colored and there are strips of dark colors on the body and red patches on the belly. It is very popular community among the fish of aquarium because of the vibrant colors and patterns.

8. Male Betta:

another beautiful fish with the stunning color combinations is the Male betta that belongs from the small genus. These fish are available in the monochrome scheme of colors and have long life span. The other cutest thing about them is that they are easy to take care. They also consist of the flowy fins that are very rare.

9. Killifish:

these fish are beautifully colored and the pattern on their skin is also very attractive. These fish are widespread to Asia, South America and North America. They belong to big family are easy to keep in the home aquarium. These fish are available in the colors of red, orange and blue.

10. Discus:

these are the fish that belong to the genus Cichlids. These fish are native to the river of Amazon. They are available in the vibrant colors and the brain like pattern on their skins. Their colors range from reds, yellows, oranges and brown creams. These are the best fish which embellish your aquarium with their awesome and bright looks.


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