Best 4G/LTE Data Cards In India

The technology is growing at a fast speed and so is the internet. There was a time when internet was slow and since then various services have come to make it better and faster. After 3G, now the 4G services have been launched in India to meet the fast growing expectation and need for the speed. 4G is the newest sensation in the Indian market. Internet has become the necessity of the life. It is considered that faster internet points towards better life and work. Internet providers are coming out with the 4G service that is fastest internet network for mobile data in India as of now.

The incredible speed has made sure that people get access to the internet and thus take the advantage of the high speed internet. There are many internet providers who are now providing the services for 4G. Here are the best 4G Data Card Services of provided in India.


1. Huawei Power-Fi E8231 Data Card


Huawei is the most popular 4G data card services in India. The Huawei Data Card comes with lot of features and impressive pricing. It is one of the fastest Internet Services in India and one can watch HD Videos, play multi-player games and many more with high download speed. This is the most common device for 4G and comes with the Airtel 4G services.

It can be connected with Laptop, Car Charger and Power Mains as well. There are many advantages of the Data Card and ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to 10 devices is one among them. It is very easy to carry due to the high degree of portability of the device. The USB Interface gives it the advantage of getting easily connected. The fast and reliable network services make it even more preferable. The Huawei Data Card Dongle supports HSPA + 21.6 MBPS and HSUPA at 5.76 MBPS speed of download and upload speed respectively. This is not the end as the device can even support the Huawei Mobile App and that can help you to monitor the data usage and even the battery life. It is compatible with wide range of devices and Operating Systems. It is even compatible with the Windows 8 for smoother and better 4G Services.



2. Airtel 4G Data Card


Airtel provides specified and designated 4G Data Card for the users. This is specially designed that can support 2G, 3G and 4G services depending upon the choice of the customers. This has Plug and Play, Micro SD Support up to 32 GB and SMS Facility along with all this. Airtel offers the Data Card with Huawei with compact designed and sleek look. However, the best part of the Airtel 4G Data Card is the speed of the internet. The download speed of the data card can reach up to 150 MBPS and the upstream can reach up to as much as 50 MBPS. It makes sure that you can download everything within seconds and enjoy a great experience of Airtel 4G speed. It supports USB 2.0 connector and memory card slot. It works on different network frequency ranges. It comes with different rental charges depending upon the speed you opt.


3. Alcatel 4G Data Card


This is a light weight and special 4G Data Card. The Mobile Broadband service can be as efficient as anything. The data card is extremely portable and you can use the same for any 4G service. However, the data card also offers you the service of 3G services and work on different Network frequency ranges. This is built upon USB 2.0 connector and works in 800 to 2600 MHz frequency range for 4G services. As far as the storage capacity is concerned, the data card gives you the storage capacity of 1 GB of Flash Memory with additional of 512 MB of RAM. However, it can be a disadvantage for the data card due to small amount of RAM. The performance of the data card is not that much affected due to the same however. You can enjoy high speed internet with no buffering and connectivity problems. However, it does not give you the advantage of Wi-Fi hotspot and you can only use the data card as the USB connector to your device. The download speed of the data card can be in the range of 100 MBPS and the upload speed in the range of 50 MBPS.


4. Micromax MMX 444L 4G Data Card


Micromax is one of the leading name in India as far as the electronic device is concerned. Micromax has launched data card for 4G with loaded features. It can support wide range of systems and almost every version of Windows, MAC and Ubuntu. It is manufactured on the Multimode data transmission. The data card supports wide range of networks like LTE, HSPA+, WCDMA, EDGE, GPRS. It is based on the USB 2.0 Connector but it can create the Wi-Fi hot spot for connecting multiple devices at the same time. You can enjoy videos and movies online without buffering. The sleek and portable design makes it even more comfortable to use. It comes with the separate memory card slot that allows you to support Micro SD card up to 32 GB. This is a Plug and Play device and has indicator present in the data card. It provides high speed internet with the download speed in the ranges of 68 MBPS and the upload speed in the range of 17.8 MBPS. If you are looking for a data card that can support different network services with cool features, then Micromax is one of the great choices.


These 4G services are not only popular in the market but continuously getting popular as the 4G service is getting more popular and expand. The scope and the expansion of 4G service in India is getting better and with the time these 4G data card will have even more impact on the Indian market. However, this can also be said that more data cards and dongles are going to be added in the Indian market in coming times.


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