7 Best Alternatives To Reddit

For long Reddit has been the best online bulletin site that offers impervious resources to the user. Simply put, it sits atop as being the best online discussion panel where anyone can indulge in the entries. It consists of different sub-communities often referred as subreddit, where one can vote on the posted content.

Even, after all these amazing features of Reddit, we’re still looking for the alternatives to it. Why would be your obvious question, isn’t it? Because time flies my friend, and with every passing moment new technologies and innovations arrive at the scene. You’d definitely be better off trying your hands at these following 7 alternatives than the Reddit, itself. Just follow the trail, I’m sure you’d be hooked to these new innovative sites than the plain old messy Reddit.



  • co is the best of the lot when it comes to replicating Reddit. Started over a couple of years ago to provide an ideal option against the Reddit, it has quickly grown its ranks.
  • co has sub-verses instead of subreddits and uses the alphabet ‘v’ just as the Reddituses ‘r’.
  • Voat can be an easy transition for the Reddit platform usersas they are almost alike.



  • com is an easy and intuitive website that allows interference of different users.
  • Over here, a user is often referred as stumblers who shall explore different discussion panel and contents.
  • Here’s something for you, the branding tagline of Stumbleupon.com, ‘Discover the best of the web, one click at a time’. So what are you waiting for?



  • com boasts of a clean design that provides better visibility to the user.
  • This site has been running since 2010 and has numerous users testifying their great content and stable community.
  • It’s the right fit for anyone, who loves minimalist of webpage design on their screen without missing out on any of the discussions.




  • Time for some app-based alternative, right? Well,net is one such app-based community rather than the traditional website based platform.
  • net is available on multiple computer systems like Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • This uses a peer to peer or simple p2p network to encrypt the services and remains
  • Nothing follows the policy of democracy as getaether.net. Every single of the user receives thesame level of quality and privileges.


Hacker News

  • ycombinator.com is the one for you tech geeks who want to be in the loop as always.
  • The most practical and simple website with no fancy tricks allows a user to garner as much of an information as one can.
  • ycombinator.com is a perfect serene landscape for the hacking community. Go give yourself a try on it.



  • com went a step further with the cloning of Reddit website by adding the better-polished look and design to the interference.
  • Anyone who is disgruntled with the heavy traffic of Reddit would find Snapzu.com as a fine place to look around.
  • With awide variety of discussion topics and availability of ‘snaps’ option, makes it a perfect alternative to Reddit.
  • However, you’d need to request an invitation to enter into the site. Don’t you fear, they offer up the invitation pretty quickly.


Product Hunt

  • com is the discussion community with preference to applications, technology and start-ups.
  • If you have a thing or two about lists or listicles, then this can be your breeding ground. You can create your own lists or comment on different lists shared by users.
  • You won’t find a better community discussing on tech and apps than this one for sure. Sign-up and get your dices rolling.



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