10 Best Android Launchers For Custom Home Screen

Ever wondered having a customized and productive home screen for your Android?The answer would be a certain ‘Yes’. The surge of applications and related options on Android demand more than the conventional typical space on the home screen of your Android.And rightly so, there has been an equal choice for selection for themes and Launchers on the Play Store.

Whilst the conventional features of launchers in the Android lagging in providing a fruitful solution to users, there has been a dominant presence for varied kinds of Launchers on the Android market. Though many of them has not been up to standards of convenience, there are few that has driven the trend in the solution for launchers with the best effect on the Home screen. Let’s get the top 10 launcher for the showdown in the season.

1.Action launcher Pro.

Though a complete alien design to the Android theme, ActionLauncher Pro has convenience in that is extensively viable and smoother in navigation options. The pack comes with themed additions with abstract subjects and designs that are irresistibly attractive and beautiful.

2.Buzz Launcher

The finest Launcher with enhanced features on simplicity and quality in navigation and experience. Buzz Launcher, unlike the convention designs on Launchers has full home screen replacement and features an easy window to widgets and application short cuts. Also featured in Buzz Launcher is an impressive set of animated wallpapers, skins, themes and icons.

3.Go Launcher Ex

Truly, a legion of the class of Launchers. Go launcher has been the most appreciated design of launcher in the store The Launcher has been feature with most broadened services in comparison to other Launchers available in the Market. Certainly, an obvious advantage in extra utilities and internet widgets, Go Launcher Ex has it all with RSS feeds, Weather Forecast and many more.

4. SF Launcher Beta

A distinct off-screen Launcher with a classic clock face and widget of date options. SF Launcher Beta comes with collection of themes and widget with addition updates and themes available for download on the store. A vibrant and exclusive launcher with impressive themes and animated icons.

5.Apex Launcher.

A contrasting Launcher for Android with a Sci-Fi and High-tech themed interfaces. The Launcher features customizable grids, distinct home screen widgets, selective transition effects etc,The Launcher features many surprises that would keep your home screen interesting.

6.Yandex Shell launcher

One of the mainstream launchers in the Android Market. With 3D rendered graphics and icons, the Launcher has an impressive array of aesthetic value as not seen in many Launchers. Also Yandex replaces the complete home screen and the icons.


Simple Launcher designed on Windows experience of the Lumia Series.The launcher is an immaculate replica of the windows for your android device. Also, noticeably a compact and consistent performance on Android Devices.

8.ADW Launcher

A full screen launcher option for your Android.The Launcher is a cubicle with interactive faces that pretty glides through the screen on gestures and vivid options on the controls. A distinct and fancy themed Launcher that is effective and collated, yet impressively compact and defied.

9.Nova Launcher

A highly customizable Launcher for the Android, Nova launcher features scrollable Dock inclusive of apps and widgets with an impressive array of designs on icons and gestures. There are also options for backup and restore on the Nova Launcher. You can save your settings and reuse the setting whenever you want to.


Effective Launcher for easy access and operability on Android. The Themer comes with free support on many features with regular pick of wallpapers,themes and icons. A resourceful sort of unique and contrasting updates are also an additional pack on Themer.


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