How to Find the Best App Deals in Android and iOS

The Black Friday might have been gone already, but that does not mean all the deals are over. The app stores are having quite a moment here, because there are programs that can sort out the best available App Store and Google Play Store deals in a moment. There’s no native support from Android or iOS to sort out the best app deals at the lowest price, yet some developers have come up with different programs that lists the current lowest prices of all the popular titles in the Google Play Store and App Store.



Apparently, the app offers that MacStories lists in its feed isn’t really a discount or deal offer. Instead, the platform only sorts out the lowest available pricing for Mac OS X and iOS based apps available in iTunes. Users can either opt for checking all the apps in a generalized platform, or sort the apps in categories like Health, Productivity, Lifestyle, Utilities and Games etc. The interface is quite eye-catching. Visit.


AppShopper is possibly the best option to locate the best Mac and iOS app deals for Apple users. The directory that AppShopper has for Mac and iOS apps is enriched with 1.9 million entries, almost close to the actual number of available apps in the Apple stores. The prices are updated in real time, also any specific deal that is offered would also be mentioned. Visit.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a unified platform for picking up games. A discounted price is asked in the Humble Bundle interface, however the users can decide how much they want to pay. By paying the exact amount they will only get the game, whereas paying more than the actual price mentioned with a game would allow them to purchase the whole bundle. The daily discounts at Humble Bundle are pretty exciting. Visit.


Android users would very much love, and eventually prefer the AppSales platform to get the best app deals on Android. A specific choice of deals is presented to each user of the AppSales app. Upon signing up for AppSales, a filter screen would take the user’s preference. However, this can be set from the Settings > Filter as well, later. Once the app categories and preferred deals are set, the UI will only show the apps of user’s choice. User can also define a specific discount rate on apps, e.g. all apps with a 25% discount in price would be shown. Visit.

AppTurbo App of the Day

Apart from finding the best app deals on AppTurbo, this platform even gives away an app for free to its users every day. If a user keeps tuned in, chances are they will get their favorite app for free. The app deals would vary depending on which country the user’s Google ID is registered with. User gets notified when their daily free app is available for downloading, via the notification bar. However, App Turbo of the Day is region limited and not worldwide, thus only people from North America, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Final, Brazil etc. countries can use it. Visit.

Amazon’s Free App of the Day

If you happen to have the Amazon App Store on your Android device, then you are supposed to get a free app every day, which is actually a paid app on the app stores. If you download your free app of the day for once, it will remain listed in your Google account as an installed app forever and you would be able to install the same app over and over again without paying a penny. Visit.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is one easiest way of finding the best app deals. A lot of apps and games often go on sale in the Google Play Store, however they don’t usually make promotions through notification bar and you might just miss the offer. Thus, it’s required that users keep their eyes open on the app discounts which could range as high as 50% to 90%. Visit.


The platform Ceceree is for Mac and iOS. Although the app is created for the Mac OS platform, yet a user can sort the best iOS apps on it and select them for downloading in their devices. The best app deals would be sought and sorted for the convenience of the user. Visit.


IFTTT is the owner of AppZapp platform and the service is free and web based. This service often comes up with the best app deals that are offered on App Store and Google Play Store. Also, applets are a unique part of the AppZapp platform for those who need using such with web based platforms like Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail etc.

Scan through Forums and Social Networks

If you are a more advanced user, then finding through social networks and popular Android and iOS forums will certainly get you a lot more ways of finding the best apps for a reduced price.


These are top 10 platforms of finding the best app deals for Android and iOS. The discount percentage is typically very high, thus you should keep an eye open.


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