15 Best Interesting Apps for Moto 360 Smartwatch

Moto 3600 smartwatch is one of the best quality and most functional Android Wear gadgets available in the world these days. However, enhancing the functionality of this smartwatch requires downloading of several third party applications. The truth is, there are many apps for this smartwatch that you can find in Google Play. Here are 15 best android wear apps for your Moto 360 smartwatch that you must consider downloading:


  1. Wear Mini Launcher – Quickly and easily, you can do some gesture related tasks due to the numerous gesture related features Wear Mini Launcher offers. Interactive actions can even be supported by this app. Moreover, Wear Mini Launcher will improve the appearance of the icons, app drawer, and the watch face of your Moto 360.


  1. Evernote – If you think that Evernote only offers standalone app for mobile phones, then think again. It’s because it also offers app to Android Wear devices like Moto 360. Through this application, you can make some important notes on your watch.


  1. Coffee SMS – This application will make your Moto 360 watch an excellent messaging device. Sending and replying SMS to any person will be easy with Coffee SMS. Detailed preset messages are available in this app. It even comes with a FlickKey wear keyboard.


  1. WatchMaker Watch Face – Play Store can offer a wide array of customizable watch face for your Moto 360 smartwatch. Even so, if you would like to have watch face that you are the one who creates, then this application will help you. You can take advantage of the animated GIFs available in this app.


  1. FlicKey Keyboard – This is not like other keyboard applications that will offer you tiny keys. It is because what it can offer are 6 big keys that are composed of symbols and letters. Various messaging apps support FlickKey Keyboard, making it possible for you to reply manually. It may have steep learning curve, but once you mastered it, it will surely be easy and fast for you to type the words.


  1. Video for Android Wear – Watching any videos you want can now be possible on your Moto 360 smartwatch through this application. What is even the best about it is the fact that this app is supported with a voice command. This app will also allow you to cast videos via Chromecast. Moreover, it comes with speaker support and Bluetooth headphones.


  1. Wear Audio Recorder – Wear Audio Recorder application can transform your smartwatch into a discreet audio recorder. Even the screen is turned off, you can still do some audio recordings easily. Furthermore, it will be possible for you to synchronize the recorded audios towards your Google Drive account or Dropbox account.


  1. IF by IFTTT – It will help you establish connections between various applications. Through this, you can make some “recipes” for a particular action you want to do. Like for example if you want to send a message, you can make a “recipe” where you will just need to tap the smartwatch screen, and the task is already done.


  1. Calendar for Android Wear – Your Moto 360 smartwatch can also have a calendar where you can incorporate some important events. It is all thanks to the Calendar for Android Wear application that you can download and install without paying any charges.


  1. Calculator for Android Wear – If you want to calculate something, you now don’t need to find your phone and do the thing since it can be done by just your Moto 360 smartwatch. What made it the best is it supports scientific functions and basic functions of a calculator. You can even do the calculation via voice commands.


  1. Sleep as Android – A sleep tracking application should also be installed on your Moto 360 smartwatch, and Sleep as Android application is the one that suits you best. Smart alarm clock, snoring detection, sleep talk, statistics, and sleep cycle tracking are just some of the amazing features of this app.


  1. Strava – This is actually a fitness related application that will help you do your fitness routines well. You can even synchronize this app to your smartphone so that you can make use of the two devices in doing some physical workouts.


  1. Wear Internet Browser – Surfing the net can now be possible through your Moto 360 smartphone, with the help of Wear Internet Browser app. With this app, you can just use a voice command in surfing or utilize the built-in keyboard from the app.


  1. Wear Photos – If you want to take a look at your smartphone photos with the use of your Moto 360 smartwatch, you can certainly do so with the Wear Photos application. Pinch to zoom as well as high resolution view are just two of the amazing features this app can offer.


  1. Wear Camera Remote – Your smartwatch can now be made as the remote control of your smartphone camera through this application. When taking pictures, you can just put your phone anywhere you want, and you can just use your watch in clicking the capture button.


These are the 15 best apps for your Moto 360 smartwatch. You can never go wrong with these applications if you will download them.


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