Top 10 Best Audiobook Apps for Bibliophiles

It was not long back when reading books used to be the most common habits that people had. However, the time has changed and so has the situations. The life has become so busy thus people do not often get time to read books. However, books are important for life as well. The audioapps hence give you the options to listen to those rather than reading it. So, it does not matter what you are doing, you can always listen to your favorite book. There are many audiobook apps available that can help you to give the best experience for bibliophiles.


  1. LibriVox Audio Books Free

You have plenty of options for the audio books for the LibriVox. There are at least 15000 audio books available in the app. It is close to 50,000 when you are in US. However, the quality may vary book to book. Books like Sherlock Holmes Series and others are available. You can stream or download the audio book. This is not only one of the best but also equally effective to get the best books.

  1. Audible for Android

This is even better and has even greater collection. It does not only have books English, but also have for French, German, Russian, Italia and others. You get more than 180000 audio books that include many best sellers as well. However, the special quality of the audio book is the powerful playback feature. The wide range of collections makes it one of the most popular and installed apps for Android as well as far as the Audio Book Apps are concerned.

  1. Audio Books

It has wide range of books available and it has equally wide range of collections from almost every genres. The best part of the app is that it has many free books as well that can enthrall you even more. You can always have the books to learn new languages as well.

  1. English Audio Books-LibriVox

English learning books are very popular in the world and people try to find the best sources for the best platform to learn and listen to tips. You would get wide range of such books that would help you to learn English quickly and develop your skills. However, you would get many more short stories and others as well. You can search with keywords to get the best results.

  1. Scribd

Scribd is known for many documents, especially text based documents and books. However, Scribd app for Android comes with huge collections of Audio Books as well. You can download the audio books and can enjoy the books offline as well. However, you would always have the option for streaming. It is priced at $8.99 per month.

  1. Audiobooks

This is one of the best for those who love to read more books and does not want to pay for it. You can get wide range of collections of such books with the Audiobooks that can give you the options for having more than 2800 titles and many more. It has simple navigations as well.

  1. Over the Drive

This is library for the audio books and you can have the options for borrowing books 24*7 and then return on time. This app has wide range of collections and various speeds for the audio books to enjoy. You can get books from the genres you like and then make the most from it.

  1. Adventure Audio Book Collection

This is the best audio book app for the people who love adventures and children. You would love the collections and it has wide collections tool. This is a free to use app that gives you wide range of options. You can stream, play and download the audio books and listen to it.

  1. Free Audio Book Search

This is an App for Free Audio Book. You have the options for searching for the audio book you want to listen to. You get the option from various search and choose over wide range of collections. This is also a free platform where you can get huge choices to get the perfect audio book for you.

  1. Audio Books Free

This is another App for Android that can be very effective and helpful for your audio books. You can listen to wide range of books depending upon your choice. You get the options for different genres books and options to search and explore various books. In the database you have got all kind of books to explore.

Books are always beautiful and best for minds. You get wisdom and knowledge to know the world and explore. The audio books are best suited for today’s modern era where the habits of reading books are slowly vanishing due to stress and workload.


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