Best Bengali Playack Singers In India

Bengal is a place of enriched culture and tradition. The heritage of Bengali culture is still felt across the country. Music always finds a special place in Bengal and the same can be understood by knowing many Bengali singers in the country. There are plenty who have made their mark in music. Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, RD Burman are few names that are always shining in the country. However, if we come to modern era, then again there are many Bengali singers who are making their presence felt. Here are the best Bengali singers.


Kumar Shanu


If we talk about the Bengali singers then his name should automatically pop up. He was once the voice of every Bollywood song and still has a great reputation for his singing skills. He came to the light with his wonderful singing in the movie Ashiqui. Kumar Shanu popularly known as Shanu Da, has won many awards for his singing. He has given many hit songs that are even now popular.


Rupam Islam


He is one of the most promising and talented Bengali singers. He has already bagged many awards including the National Award. He is the main singer in the Bengali band Fossils. He also releases solo albums and give his voice for Bengali and Hindi playback as well. He is considered as one of the most shining talents in the country. He is not only one among the best Bengali singers but also considered as one of the promising singers in the country.




He is known for his charming and melodious voice. He first came to fame with his song Tanha Dil and then there was no looking back for him. He is one of the most talented and famous singers in the country. His original name is Shantanu Mukherjee and has range of awards for his music and singing. He still gives his voice for playbacks and has numerous hit songs under his belt.


Shreya Ghosal

She started her journey as a child singer in a reality show SaReGaMaPa but finished second. The reincarnation of Shreya as a singer happened with the movie Devdas when she sung most of the songs. She was then an overnight sensation. Even now if you have to pick one of the best singers female in India, then Shreya going to top the chart. Shreya Ghosal is one of the Bengali singers who have taken the Indian music in the international level.


Arijit Singh


He came from a small town in West Bengal and bites the dust in the reality show Fame Gurukul. After he lost the show, everyone thought that another talent will be lost. However, Arijit had other plans. He came back with Ashiqui 2 and now he is the sensation in Indian music industry. He is considered as the best Bengali Singer and also he is now the most popular singer in the country.


Bengali singers have always made their presence felt in the music arena and they continue to hold strong positions.



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