Best Bharathanatyam Dancers In India

Bharathanatyam is an exquisite classical dance form of India and many famous dancers practicing this dance form have brought great glory for the country on a global scale. They have epitomized this art form and will always be remembred as the best.

Here are the best Bharathanatyam dancers of India:

1.Rukmini Devi

One of the greatest dancers in the history of Bharathanatyam is Rukmini Devi, who is regarded as a legend. Born on 28th February, 1904, this great artist hailed from a Brahmin family of Madurai and received art and culture as a legacy. She played an instrumental role in the spread of popularity of Indian culture in Europe, which she did by giving lectures in these countries after her marriage to the noted educationist Dr George Arundale. She learnt Bharathanatyam from Pandanallur Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai and established a training school called Kalakshetra.

  1. Yamini Krishnamurthy

The next name on the list of the most prominent Bharathanatyam is that of Yamini Krishnamurthy, who also has mastery in Kuchipudi dance. She learnt Bharathantyam from Rukmi Devi’s Kalakshetra School and went on to train from some of the greatest in the field. Her contribution to the field is unmatched and she has been honored with the prestigious Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan by the government of India. She runs a prestigious dance school in Delhi.

  1. Dr Padma Subramanyam

Dr Padma Subramanyam is a multi talented personality, who excels as a Bharathanatyam dancer, singer, composer, author and teacher. She learnt dance at her father’s dance school Nrutyodaya and currently, she is serving as its director. She has given countless performances around the world and these have earned her great acclaim.

  1. Anita Ratnam

A dancer, speaker and choreographer par excellence, Anita Ratnam is considered as one of the best in the country. She trained in Bharathnatyam and various other dance forms from Adyar K Lakshmanan and Rukmini Devi’s School of Dance and later went to USA for her Master’s in Theater and Television.

  1. Mallika Sarabhai

Talent and versatility is something which runs into the blood of Mallika Sarabhai, the great Bharathnatyam dnacer, actress, film maker and social activist, and the daughter of dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai. She is an acclaimed dancer on the international platform and has received a number of global honors.

  1. Alarmel Valli

Another renowned Bharathanatyam dancer is Alarmel Valli, who has the honor of being the youngest dancer to have received the Padma Shree. Trained by Shri Chokkalingam Pillai, Valli has brought great laurels for the country by her stupendous performances in various festivals in India and abroad.

  1. Mrinalini Sarabhai

Featuring next on the list of top Bharathanatyam dancers is Mrinalini Sarabhai, a dancer and choreographer who was born in Switzerland. She came to India and married the famous scientist Dr Vikram Sarabhai. She runs the prestigious Darpan Academy of Performing Arts with her daughter, Mallika Sarabhai.

  1. Balasaraswati

One of the child prodigies of this dance form was Balasaraswati, who did her Arangetram at the age of only seven years. She was trained in the art by Kandappa and was also a great singer, besides being an internationally acclaimed dancer.

  1. Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai

One of the greatest dancers in the history of Bharathanatyam is Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai, who has had the honor of training the legendary Rukmini Devi. Born in 1869, he is one of the earliest proponents of the dance form and had an impressive list of students who trained from him.

All these dancers have made great contribution to the field of Bharathanatyam and have brought international repute to the country.


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