10 Best Bicycle Brands in India

The technology has improved over last few decades. The roads are dominated the big cars and there are several new kinds of vehicles that are plying through the roads. However, even today, the bicycle is considered one of the most eco-friendly modes of communication in the world. The popularity of the bicycles is not different in India as well. However, no fuel expenses and the health benefits are also considered one of the major reasons for the benefits. There are many bicycle brands available in India. Here are the top bicycle brands in India in 2016.

  1. Hero

Hero is the most popular and commonly found bicycle in India. It has range of bicycles of different ranges and different categories. Here are some of the common bicycles of Hero. Maxim Fun Series and Super Start Series for kids, Roadsters and City Bikes for girls and Hero Sprint,  City Bikes, Fast and Furious  for boys are some of the bicycles from Hero.

  1. Atlas

This is one of the most popular bicycles mostly found in Northern part of India though. The incredible bicycles from Atlas are considered one of the best.

  1. Hercules

Hercules produces range of different bicycles with different ranges and categories. It has been observed that the quality of the Hercules Bicycles are one of the best on the industry. The most common and popular bicycles of Hercules are Junior Roadsters, Ryders, Roadeo, CMX and Turbodrive MTB etc.

  1. BSA

BSA is one of the most common and very popular bicycle brands in India. The n manufacturer is very famous for making women bicycles and they are one of the best in that field. There are different categories of bicycles available for BSA. The most common and popular bicycles of BSA are SA SLR. Champ, Toddlers, Workouts, Ladybird, Junior Roadsters and others.

  1. LA Sovereign

LA Sovereign is one of the most reputed names in the bicycle industry. The high performance and stylish bikes from the manufacturer are considered one of the best in the industry. The most common and popular bicycles of LA Sovereign are BMX bikes, Proline Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes and others.

  1. Trek

As the name suggests, Trek is a bicycle for the passionate and trekking. The manufacturer produces bicycles that are special and can be driven in special areas. The most common and popular bicycles of this company are Performance, Fitness, Sport, Triathlon, Touring, Cross Country, Gravity, Technical Trail and others.

  1. Firefox

Firefox is one of the most prestigious and reputed brands for bicycles. This is one of the manufacturers that are known for making quality bicycles in the country. Here are some of the popular and common bicycles from Firefox, BMX, Kids, Road, Hybrid and Gary Fisher and others.

  1. Cannondale

Cannondale is one of the most popular bicycle makers in India. It produces bicycles for kids, women and men as well. One can find normal and special bicycles from Cannondale. Most common and popular bicycles nof this manufacturer are Road, Mountain, Kids, Women and Recreation & Urban etc.

  1. Montra

Montra is known as one of the most effective and stylish bicycle makers in India. This is one of the most bicycle makers for the special bicycles that are driven on special areas. The most popular and common bicycles of Montra are Montra Techno, My Track, Country Titanium, Jazz, Rock and Blue and others.

  1. Schwinn

Schwinn is one of the biggest and most popular bicycle makers in India. The manufacturer is known for some classic and useful bicycles that can be driven anywhere. The most popular bicycles of this manufacturer are Cruisers, Road, Hybrid, Urban, Bike Path and Mountain and others.

There are many other bicycles available in India apart from these and many of them are very popular as well.


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