Best BPO Companies In The World

BPOs are now one of the most successful industries in the world. The Business Process Outsourcing does not only make the business easier and simple but also provide jobs to millions of people. If you closely look at the figures of the employed people in the countries where Information Technology is the major employment sector then it can be found that BPOs are the major employers. The continuous requirements and the demand make it possible for the BPOs to hire more people. However, when we talk about the best BPOs then we should take a look at all the leading BPOs in the world that have been part of this revolution.


One of the largest IT Service companies that deals with BPO as well, Accenture is one of the largest BPO companies in the world. It deals with infrastructure Management along with many others and is based in Dublin, Ireland. It has got more than 20 thousands of employees working for the BPO in different locations across the world.


It is another IT giant based in India that has captured the BPO industry. It has over 125 clients and close to 22000 employees work for the company. The company has at least 18 locations across the world from where the BPO operations are taking places. This is known as one of the most reputed BPO firms in the world.


The Hindustan Computers Limited or HCL is also another prestigious name in the BPO industry. It is majorly into the infrastructure management. The India based company is providing support and solutions to the wide ranges of clients across the world. This is known for quality service and valuable deliverables.


This is a US based company that has the expertise in the BPO service and has achieved a lot in the past. The Los Angeles based company is majorly into Property Management, Real Estate and Legal Advice services along with the BPO. It has more than 300 offices across the world and it employees over 340000 people in many countries.


The International Service System or ISS is one of the oldest and most reputed BPOs in the world. It is known for the high range of clients and is based on the Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established in 1901 and is majorly into security services, facility management and property services.


This is a US based company that has a huge reputation in the world of BPO. The company is majorly into the hardware and electronics sale related business. The company deals with things like sale terminals, ATMs, barcode readers and many others.

Wipro Technologies

The Wipro Technologies is based in India and is one of the largest BPO companies in the world. The wide range of clients and the huge number of employees are the best part of the company. The company is also associated with the IT services apart from BPO.

These top BPO companies are leaders in the International markets and known for huge success and services.


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