Top 10 Best Browsers For Linux OS

Linux is one of the most secure and fast operating systems in the world. When you talk about Linux, people who are a geek about technology would love to have it in their system. Linux is not like other operating system and you must have some knowledge about it. Web Browser is one of the most important parts of Linux and you must have a good browser for using the internet. There are many web browsers available for Linux system and here are the top 10 Linux Browsers that you can use.

  1. Lynx

This is one of the oldest Text based web browser available for Linux. You may wonder the use of the browser, but in reality it is one of the most useful browser in case of anything has crashed or similar situation where you want the browser to fix it. It can simply render the texts from the web page and does not support image, video or any other Java scripts. This is the most secure web browser.

  1. QupZilla

This is one of the lightweight browsers available in the Linux. It is one of the fastest and interesting browsers available. Based on WebKit, QupZilla is feature loaded and has a unified and dedicated window for bookmarks, history and RSS Feeds.

  1. Midori

It is a Webkit based, light weight browser for Linux. It supports both GTK+ 2 and GTK +3 for the operations. Very fast and high on responses, the Midori is majorly used as the default browser for Linux.

  1. Pale Moon

It was started as the optimized version of Firefox but has now moved away from Firefox in many ways. It still has the basic Firefox UI and has the credibility to act fast and offer huge features. However, the browser has some problems in Linux as it does not support the profile migration and also few popular extensions do not work with Pale Moon.

  1. Conkeror

If you are a programmer and loves to play with your browser, then there could no better browser available in the world. It is entirely keyword driven browser and can be programmed. If you are not satisfied with the UI, you can change it with CSS scripts.

  1. Web

It is a Webkit based browser that is light, fast and interesting. It is a clean and simple browser with the equally generous interface. It can get integrated with the desktop environment and support many extensions as well.

  1. Konqueror

This is one of the most advanced and modern browsers. It is loaded with features and has dedicated blocking, filtering and other browsing features. However, the special qualities about the browser are that it can be used as FTP, SAMBA or IMP browsing as well.

  1. Opera

It is one of the most innovative browsers available in the market. This was the first browser to start with speed dial. It supports user scripts and styles and also has dedicated ad blocker, speed dialing, bookmarking and other features.

  1. Chrome

Google just left every other browsers way behind with the light weight and high responsive browser. It can integrate to the user environment pretty easily. This is one of the most users friendly and feature loaded browsers available.

  1. Firefox

It is the most popular browser and eventually the most common default browser for Linux systems. The most memory efficient browser is loaded with features. There are many add-on available with Firefox is best suitable with the Linux Environment.

These browsers are the most popular and effective browsers in Linux.


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