5 Best Chrome Tab Manager Extensions

The users of Google Chrome has been pretty lucky to have the latest of extensions for every kind of comfort and need while browsing through the internet. Even though there are many of the best extensions available for every kind of need on the chrome browser, nothing more has ever been more appreciated with the apps that deliver tab management utilities on the Chrome browser. And indeed so, there are many of the variants available on the Google store. We reviewed on the features and led a list of the finest of the extensions for you comfort.


  1. OneTab

A high-graphical user interfaces which is an alternative for the naïve users on Chrome. You can have just one click to open up the entire recent tabs listed one after the other. The lists are dated to a prolonged period as based on the history recorded on the Chrome browser. There are also options to organize the tabs in groups. The OneTab extension also includes a utility to free up the memory used by the Chrome browser on your desktop.

  1. Session Buddy

The finest and professional version, for chrome to manage tabs on your browser. The extension features an instantaneous solution to access and edits the features on the tabs that has been either saved or opened in the session. Moreover, the extension has more features such as saving the files in many formats such as HTML and CSV etc.

  1. Tab Manager

A basic utility for management of tabs, on your Chrome browser. The extension has the basics of the tools to cope with multiple tabs on the chrome browser. Though basic the essentiality of the browser comes in the optimization options that are available on the extension to comfort your needs to deal with the view for all the tabs being accessed in the session. The extension also includes quick access buttons to the various feature of accessing the current tabs and saved tabs on your chrome browser.

  1. TabCloud

The one amongst the many essential utilities for tab management on your chrome. But there are some interesting features available as compared to the other extensions for chrome. The tab cloud allows you to save the entire web page for accessing later as you browse through. The feature required you to login to you Google account on the browser. Restoring the saved session is an easy process. You just need to select from the list that pops down as you navigate through the extension icon on the chrome browser.

  1. TabmanTabs Manager

An essential utility for Google Chrome when you have too many tabs open in a single browser. The app has a button on the search bar that lists your opened tabs in a very resourceful manner to have a complete look at the contents on each of the tab. The semi-build up of the utility allows a dock of the recent tabs that is sorted for an easy access while still using the current tab to navigate on the internet. The tabs dock up on the side of your desktop that will appear as you scroll through the area using the cursor.


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