Best Credit Cards in India – Complete Guide

Credit Cards have become an integrated part of the financial management in India. People are getting attracted towards the quick money availing option and going for the most popular Credit Cards. Well, there are many parameters that need to be taken care of if you are not going for the best credit cards available. There are many banks and credit card issuers available, but few can be termed best with high satisfaction rate. Here are the best credit cards available in the market.

1. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Visa Credit Card

This is one of the best Credit Cards available in the market. This is one of the Credit Cards that offer you payback options heavily controlled by the chip.

How to Apply and Requirements

The application of this credit card is pretty easy and you need less documentation. You need to be 23 years of old to apply. You also need to provide the identity proof for nationality and proof of employment. However, you need to make sure that you have a healthy credit score to get the maximum benefits. You can avail the services by walking up to the bank or the Credit Card agent may visit your place if requested and get the procedure done. The monthly rate of Credit Card interest is 3.80 %. There is one time charge of 199 however you can get it back by shopping for 2000 within 2 months. The charge of a credit card after one year is INR 99 per year.

2. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card

This is one of the best Credit Cards available in the market. You can get the benefit of earning 5 points for spending 150 at various restaurants, fuel stations, hotels and many more. This is an attractive credit card for people who use credit cards very frequently.

How to Apply and Requirements

The Standard Chattered card asks for INR 399 but the second year renewal charge is INR 750. However, the person applying for this card must earn INR 25000 per month. The documentation is pretty simple and very easy. However, the interest rate is 3.1% per month and that is higher side again. But if you are repaying the amount on the same day then there will be no interest is charged.

3. Citibank Platinum Credit Card

The Citibank Credit Card is another excellent credit card available in India. The credit card is excellent for those who are frequent travelers. You earn 1 point for every 125 spent along with attractive discounts and features for Entertainment, Travel and Dinning. You can get the City Alerts and EMI facilities as well with this Credit Card.

How to Apply and Requirements

The documentation is pretty simple and people often get this card without hassle provided your credit score do not go against you. There are no joining annual charges for the City Bank Credit Card. The interest rate is again on the higher side and is 3.25% per month. However, overall the City Bank Credit Card is better than others.

4. SBI Gold Credit Card

Every Credit Card is designed for some special facilities and this one is subtle for the utility bills. If you use your credit card for this purpose, then there is nothing better than this. You can have flexible payment options with EMI options as well for various kinds of utility bills. It is accepted worldwide. You can also use this card to withdraw cash from Master Card or VISA ATMs.

How to Apply and Requirements

State Bank of India is the biggest bank of India and a Nationalized Bank as well. The bank is very particular about documentation and one might need to produce each and everything they specify. The Credit Card facilities are one of the best of the features, but you may end up paying more for it. It has a joining fee of INR 299 and has an annual fee of INR 299. However, the interest rate is again on the higher side and it is 3.35% per month. There is a card replacement charge as well of INR 100.

5. HDFC Platinum Plus Credit Card

One of the largest banks in India, HDFC gives one of the best Credit Cards for the people. You can get INR 250 Fuel Cash back offer along with 2 Reward Points for 150 spent. This is the only bank that provides you 50 days of interest free credit for 50 days starting from the date of purchase.

How to Apply and Requirements

The Credit Card can be applied in the bank or by bank agents. The documentation is pretty easy and you need address and employment proof for verification. There is no joining fee for the Credit Card, but the annual charge of INR 399 is associated with it. If you are taking the Credit card against any fixed deposit then the interest rate is only 1.99% but otherwise it is 3.40%.

There are many other Credit Card issuers present in India offering many Credit Card schemes every day. However, if you have to put the Credit Cards in the order of flexibility and trustworthy service, then these are the best Indians get.



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