10 Best Custom ROMs for Android Device

Custom ROMs are the biggest advantage of the Android world. Android is an open source and thus the code can be used to develop own build. There are multiple reasons to use the different builds, known as the custom ROMs. The Android gets updated to the new version and that can be tricky for the customers. Every user is not entitled to get the update and the custom ROMs can be helpful for them. On the other hand, those who get the update may not like it and Custom ROMs are useful for them as well. There are numerous Custom ROMs available in the market and here are the best among them. Here are the Top 10 Custom ROMs for Android.


  1. CyanogenMod

This is one of the best Custom ROMs in the world. However, the custom ROM has surged to huge level in recent years and has turned into a company as well. The CyanogenMod is known for the level of customization. Almost everything is customizable under this built. Starting with profiles, gestures, navigation bars, status bars and even the notification drawer can be customized in the CyanogenMod. The incredible features of the custom ROM like integrated theme engine and the frequent updates make it one of the most favorable among the users. This is available for most of the Android devices.

  1. Paranoid Android

This is another Custom ROM that has found huge popularity among the users. The incredible power of customization has made it one of the best in the industry. You can have hover notifications under this built and can even hide the notification and the status bar with the immersive features as well. It comes with the package of integrated theme engine and range of features like dynamic status and others. The built is available officially for the phones like Nexus, Oppo and One Plus. However, the unofficial channels can help you obtain this for almost every phone.

  1. Cataclysm

This is another custom ROM that brings tremendous value addition to the android phones. The incredible customization and features like lock screen, dynamic statuses and configuration toggles make the difference for the custom ROM. This is officially available for the nexus device but can be obtained through unofficial channels for all the phones based on Android.

  1. Resurrection Remix

This is one of the most popular and clean custom ROM available for the users. This is updated very regularly as well and has even released the version for the Android Marshmallow. The interface of the device can be largely personalized with the built including the lock screen, notification bars, navigation gestures and bars and others. This is available for most of the Android devices.

  1. Dirty Unicorns

This is very popular and one of the most efficient custom ROMs for the users. The plethora of personalized features makes it one of the best custom ROMs in the market. It lets you customize the screen and the navigation along with status bars as well. The floating status bars and the Dirty Tweaks Sections are very useful and attractive features of the custom ROM.

  1. 6. Xenon HD

This is one of the most popular and efficient custom ROMs available in the market. There are ranges of features available for the custom ROM with special features like layer based theme for the devices. However, it provides ranges of the other features as well for the android phones. The best part of the custom ROM is that, it is available for most of the Android devices.

  1. Bliss Pop

This is a specific custom ROM for the Android Lollipop. However, the importance and the features of the custom ROM cannot be ignored. There are many cool features available for it. The Left Hand Navigation, Navigation Rings and the Live Display are few of the important features of the custom POP.

  1. Omni ROM

This has been developed by the ex-cyanogen developer with utter brilliance. All the basic level of customization is available with the Omni ROM. However, you can also use the features of Dark Mode UI and even quick application panel settings. This is considered one of the best custom ROMs available in the market.

  1. Euphoria OS

This is one of the best custom ROM for the personalized kernel used in the application. This Custom ROM is comprised of ranges of features like animations, lockscreen weather and others. The custom Kernel is however considered as the best part of the ROM.

  1. MIUI

This is a Xiaomi specific Custom ROM and it is increasing in future. There are ranges of updates and features available for the pho application.

These are the best custom ROM available in the market.


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