Top 10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

We are living in the 21st century and we have much more than we can actually desire for. Expressing your feelings via text is not always easy. Sometimes you need to express something that is far more complicated than writing it down. Smileys can work perfectly in such situations and thankfully we have a lot of them.

The Android phones today have a great number of emoji apps that can help you translate your feelings into smileys. For example you can say someone special “I love you” by just sending a heart smiley present in emoji keyboards. You can interact with your loved ones in a more fun way than it used to be decades back. Below is the list of 10 best emoji for Android.

Below are described the 10 best emoji for Android which works best on almost every Android smartphone regardless of the brand:

  1. Emoji for Contacts+

This app is amazingly popular among the Android users because of its attractive interface and cute varieties of emoji. This app works to replace your phone dial, messaging app and contacts and works quite well. But the app is last in the list because it requires two apps to access the emoji.

  1. type Keyboard with Emoji Plugin:

This app is free and comes as a separate keyboard and a plugin to enable emoji. The app works as a full-fledged keyboard and inserts beautiful emoji to the texts but require separate plug in to enable which makes it a little less desirable. The user interface is also cute.

  1. Go Keyboard with Emoji plugin:

Another amazing keyboard app which can be equipped with the emoji if a separate plug in is installed. The app have more than 800 emoji which makes it quite fun to use and the app itself is quite colorful and vibrant. It is absolutely free but also requires two apps to go with.

  1. Emoji Smart Keyboard:

If you are specifically a fan of emoji and does not care much about the keyboard layout then this app should be the best for you. Despite of its lacking features in the keyboard, the dozens of emoji make it a desirable app for the users. The app is free to download at the Play Store and it is also fast and reliable. You can also the emoji in many apps using this keyboard such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

  1. Emoji Keyboard:

This app is a standalone keyboard with a built-in emoji in it. This keyboard app is fast and reliable, works smoothly and switches to the emoji mode quite actively without gaining attention of the user. Although the space bar is small, but it do not hinders much in the typing of text and can be overlooked because of its remarkable list of emoji.

  1. Emoji Keyboard+

This app can be termed as the best looking emoji app because it has customizable themes which can make it even more attractive. You can choose from a multiple themes and there are dozens of really cute emoji built-in with the app. The emoji are also bright and attractive which is a promising factor of this app.

  1. StickerMe:

A slightly different emoji app from the others in which you can give your personal touch with your photos. The stickers are present freely and you can capture your photograph and transform it into a sticker by combining them. You can have some great fun with the app by sending these personal emoji to your friends.

  1. JapEmo:

Have you ever wonder how the alphanumeric characters of the keyboard can be combined to turn it into a cute looking emoji? If not then you might be, by using this app. This app does not involve colorful emoji however, it is a good combination of Japanese emoji and you can send them anytime you want. You can surely learn the sequence of symbols but that is quite difficult. Why not just download an app which is absolutely free?

  1. Emoji Keyboard:

The Emoji Keyboard for the number 2 spot worth it. The keyboard is built-in with emoji and can be worked as the standard keyboard of the smartphone. Ranging from the slide input to the word suggestions and dozens of emoji, the app has it all making it perfect for the number 2 spot on the list. The emoji are the highlight of the app.

  1. Emoji Keyboard:

Another app named Emoji Keyboard, but the features and fun is entirely different. The app is from Kaka Mobile and is the best for emoji in Android. The keyboard is quite close to the stock Android Keyboard with built-in emoji and some independent features. The emoji are cute and expressive so you can easily say it all through them.


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